How To Behave In Australia

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How To Behave In Australia
How To Behave In Australia

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In order for a trip to Australia to leave only vivid pleasant memories, you need to do more than just plan and prepare your trip in advance. It is also necessary to take into account a number of nuances that will help to behave correctly in this exotic country.

How to behave in Australia
How to behave in Australia


Step 1

In Australia, the sun is very hot, it is dangerous for Europeans who are not used to the burning rays and can cause quite severe burns. Be sure to buy a special cream with a degree of protection of at least 30 before the trip. Prepare also light clothing, preferably light-colored, made from natural fabrics. You will feel comfortable in it. And don't forget to get some good sunglasses. Do not be on the beach between 11 am and 4 pm, during which the sun's rays are especially burning.

Step 2

A vacation in Australia is unthinkable not only without relaxing sunbathing, but also without swimming in the ocean. However, you can not dive into the water everywhere, but only in places where there are green flags. The fact is that off the coast of Australia there are many dangerous currents that can carry even an experienced swimmer into the ocean. Green flags indicate safe areas, while yellow and red flags indicate danger. Do not swim in such places.

Step 3

Going on vacation to Australia, keep in mind that you will not be able to smoke everywhere there and not always drink alcohol. There are many bans in this country: you cannot smoke not only in government institutions or public places, but also in many restaurants and cafes. Therefore, before you get a cigarette, find out if you are breaking the law. Otherwise, you will have to pay a large fine. As for alcohol, it is sold in Australia only from 5 pm to 12 am, and only on weekdays. In different states of the country, the time may differ, but not much. So if you want to afford alcohol on, say, Sunday, buy it in advance.

Step 4

In any country, tourists need to be careful not to be attacked by criminals. Australia has a fairly high level of law and order, but pickpocketing does occur. Therefore, be careful in places where there are a lot of people, near places of interest, in transport. If there is a trouble, any emergency, call from your mobile to toll-free numbers 000 or 112. They are valid for calling the police, ambulance, rescuers, etc.

Step 5

Tourists usually love to shop. In Australia, as in many other countries, you can buy souvenirs to remember the trip. Buy handicrafts: pottery, boomerangs. It is best to buy such things from the natives, in the street markets. It is both cheaper and real, not a fake. And also bring home Australian opals, the country is famous for these semi-precious stones, here they are inexpensive.

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