How To Enroll In The Camp

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How To Enroll In The Camp
How To Enroll In The Camp
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Summer is the time of rest in children's camps. Many parents ask themselves questions: what documents are needed to issue a voucher, how to choose a children's camp. An incorrectly chosen place of rest for a child is unjustified spending on a trip and unpleasant impressions. The task of the parents is to choose a children's camp so that it becomes a home for the child during the period of his shift.

How to enroll in the camp
How to enroll in the camp


Step 1

When choosing a children's camp, pay attention to the conditions for placing a child. At the moment, the camps offer accommodation such as: elite (accommodation for 2-3 people in a room, facilities in the room, TV, renovation), improved (accommodation for 4-5 people in a room, amenities on the floor, buildings in proper form), standard (accommodation for 6-7 people in a room, toilets in the buildings, shower outside). When choosing accommodation conditions, consult with your child - someone wants to live for 2-3 people in a room, while someone is bored in such a small company. In children's camps with well-organized leisure, elite accommodation is likely to be useless - children are busy all day and come to their rooms only to sleep and relax.

Step 2

After you decide on the conditions for placing your child, check out the food offered by the camp. Pay attention to such points as: having your own baker-pastry chef, variety of diet, weight of portions, having four meals a day.

Step 3

The composition of the counselors and educators of the children's camp is also important. Find out how the camp administration recruits this team. It's great if the camp has a permanent staff that does not change from shift to shift. In this case, you can find out reliable and detailed information about counselors, read reviews. But so far, such camps are rare. Most often, camps conclude employment contracts with students of pedagogical teams for the period of their children’s stay. Such units are formed at the universities of the city. They are made up of enthusiastic students, usually children who love their teaching vocation.

Step 4

Try to familiarize yourself with the leisure program that will be offered to your child. Some camps work according to the old programs from year to year. Others, from shift to shift, come up with interesting games, legends and entertainment for children.

Step 5

After choosing a children's camp that suits you and your child, you need to find out where you need to order and pay for the voucher. In order to purchase a ticket to a sanatorium and health camp, you need to contact your local pediatrician. For vouchers to suburban health camps and day camps, you must contact the educational authorities.

Step 6

3-4 weeks before the start of the shift, take care of the paperwork:

1. Certificate according to the form 079-U. It is necessary to take it from the school doctor, or in the office of the district pediatrician.

2. A special medical card, which is drawn up by the district pediatrician. The card must contain information about the child's health, vaccinations, diseases.

3. Certificate of the sanitary and epidemiological environment, which is issued by the SES authority at the place of residence three days before departure.

4. Medical card.

5. A voucher to the camp, filled in and stamped.

6. Photocopy of birth certificate. At the request of the employee conducting the registration for the children's camp, it is necessary to present the original document.

7. A photocopy of the compulsory medical insurance policy.

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