How To Relax In Kamchatka

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How To Relax In Kamchatka
How To Relax In Kamchatka
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The Kamchatka Peninsula is not the most popular tourist destination, which is largely due to its remote location from the central part of the country and rather expensive tickets. But those vacationers who decide to spend their vacation here will not regret it. The region is famous for its special nature and has a lot of attractions.

How to relax in Kamchatka
How to relax in Kamchatka


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Holidays in Kamchatka can be interesting and varied. Check out local attractions in advance and mark which ones you would like to visit. In Kamchatka, there is an opportunity for active recreation, there are slopes of extinct volcanoes, where you can go in for skiing, mountaineering, snowboarding. In summer, the recreation program will be even more active: rafting on mountain rivers, the opportunity to fish for trout or salmon, horse riding, and all this against the backdrop of almost virgin nature.

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When planning to see the famous Kamchatka volcanoes, remember that not all of them are dormant, several volcanoes are still active. The pride of Kamchatka is the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano, the highest in all of Eurasia. Climbing volcanoes and daily excursions are practiced in the middle of summer, when intense snowmelt begins. Glaciers in Kamchatka can be observed at any time of the year, as well as swimming in hot springs.

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Those wishing to improve their health should visit the Chisty stream, located a few kilometers from the Nalychevo shelter near the foot of the Koryaksky volcano. Here, healing springs of mineral waters come to the surface, which have a beneficial effect on health. Water varies in taste, one of the types of sources is richer in hydrogen sulfide, which makes the water quite specific.

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When visiting the sights of Kamchatka, do not forget to visit the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve. This is a place unique in its natural properties, which combines boiling lakes of volcanoes, fumarole fields, hot springs and springs, and the valley of Geysers known far beyond Kamchatka. Despite the fact that many springs were simply destroyed as a result of a landslide in 2008, an excursion to the valley will be fascinating.

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