How To Get To Sergiev Posad

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How To Get To Sergiev Posad
How To Get To Sergiev Posad
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Sergiev Posad is the largest center of Russian Orthodoxy in the European part of Russia. Every year the city is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims, fortunately, it is easy to get here from Moscow by public transport.

How to get to Sergiev Posad
How to get to Sergiev Posad


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More than 50 electric trains depart daily from the platforms of the Yaroslavsky railway station towards Sergiev Posad, including those that go to Aleksandrov and Balakirevo. The first departs at 5 am and the last one almost at midnight. Travel time is approximately one and a half hours. This way to get to Sergiev Posad has two advantages. Firstly, the journey starts from the center of Moscow, and, secondly, delays on the way are unlikely, electric trains run strictly on schedule. You can check the departure time of trains on the official website of Russian Railways.

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This type of public transport is an express train. The Sergiev Posad Express makes only one intermediate stop in Pushkino and takes one hour. There are also high-speed trains running twice a day with five intermediate stops, but the journey on them will only take a few minutes longer. The fare is about one and a half times higher in comparison with a regular train.

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You can get away from the VDNKh metro station. On the alley leading to the exhibition center, you need to find the bus stop for bus number 338 to Sergiev Posad. Departure every 10 minutes. Travel time will be one and a half hours, during rush hours delays are possible due to traffic jams at the exit from Moscow, in Mytishchi and in the Pushkino area. In the city itself, the bus makes stops at Fabrichnaya, Vorobievskaya and Kooperativnaya streets.

Buses to Kostroma, Uglich and Rybinsk leave from Shchelkovsky bus station. They make an intermediate stop in Sergiev Posad at the bus station.

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To get to Sergiev Posad by car, you need to leave Moscow along the Yaroslavskoe highway and move about 40 km after crossing the Moscow Ring Road, without turning anywhere. After turning to Radonezh and Vozdvizhenskoe, you need to be careful, however, you will not be able to miss the junction of the Yaroslavskoe highway with a branch to Sergiev Posad. After it you need to drive about 15 km, in the area of ​​the city the road becomes Moskovskoe Highway and turns into Red Army Avenue.

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