How To Meet Tourists

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How To Meet Tourists
How To Meet Tourists
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If your business is related to tourism, you are engaged in meeting and accommodating those who came to admire local attractions, then how well you meet them will largely depend on the impressions that they will have from this trip. You are, in fact, the plenipotentiary representative of your city, your country, and your hospitality will be an indicator of how welcome they are.

How to meet tourists
How to meet tourists


Step 1

In the event that you expect guests from abroad, people of other cultural traditions, do not be lazy and read about these traditions on forums and specialized sites on the Internet. Perhaps it makes sense to use, when preparing the premises for the arrival of guests, some design details, decor that will be familiar to them.

Step 2

Even if your hotel or guesthouse is not of the "luxury" class, make sure that the rooms are spotlessly clean. Pay attention to linens, bedspreads and curtains - all of which should look fresh and new. It's good if there is soap and disposable shampoo in the shower room - these are minor but pleasant little things that demonstrate your attentiveness to your guests.

Step 3

It is better to meet tourists right away, at the arrival station. Arrange with the driver to help the ladies retrieve their luggage and place it in the car. Guests should feel cared for from the first minutes, as soon as they fall into your area of ​​responsibility. Meet them at the doorstep of the hotel and show them the premises that are reserved for their stay.

Step 4

If even your hotel does not provide food for tourists, offer them a snack on the road, arrange coffee or tea with light snacks. Take advantage of this tea party to educate tourists about the rules and the amenities they can use at your hotel. Give them the advice they need, recommend what to see, answer questions.

Step 5

When there are any nuances associated with the difference in mentality, then give your recommendations so that guests do not get into a stupid or ridiculous position. You are the host, so the safety and comfort of your guests is your responsibility. Remember that one good review of your hotel can attract up to 10 more potential customers, so being a hospitable host is not only humanly pleasant, but also commercially profitable.

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