10 Things You Need For A Hike

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10 Things You Need For A Hike
10 Things You Need For A Hike
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Hiking is one of the types of healthy tourism. Going there, you can be alone with yourself and nature. The hike will bring a lot of vivid emotions, benefit and pleasure, you just need to properly assemble a backpack for it.

Things you need during the hike
Things you need during the hike

We are planning a hike

In order for the hike to bring only pleasure, and pass without unplanned adventures, you must take very seriously its preparation:

1. First, you need to clearly plan your route, because getting into the swamps is a bad idea for a vacation. It is better to walk the already trodden paths, read reviews, ask experienced people for advice, find out the location of the springs.

2. Determine the time period for which the trip is planned, because the set of things will differ from this.

3. If you are planning a long hike, it is better to take a course of first aid, or refresh your memory earlier.

4. In the event that a hike is planned in the mountains or wilderness, it is best to communicate your intentions to the local rescue services. Tell your relatives or friends about every, even the most common and already familiar route, because the cellular signal does not catch everywhere and not always.

5. Clothing should be comfortable, durable and not wrinkled. It is better to refuse short shorts and skirts, there is a risk of injuring your legs on stones and branches, and you should not forget about insects. Shoes with flat soles, soft and comfortable, better not new, so as not to spoil, and not to check their comfort on the road. A headdress is required, any one will do, depending on the season. You also need to take: gloves, several pairs of socks, a spare headgear, a sweater or windbreaker, sleeping clothes, a raincoat.

6. It is better to hide documents and money away, in a bag.

7. Make sure you have collected everything you need for the hike.

Collecting things

In order for the burden to be not so heavy and unbearable, you need to calculate your strength while still on the shore. Put everything you need not in bags, but in a backpack, preferably a special tourist one. The backpack should be roomy, lightweight, preferably made of waterproof fabric. All the heaviest things should be placed closer to the back, so as not to lean back. And valuable and breakable ones can be wrapped in clothes. Bulky things can be attached to the top of the backpack, or from the side. Things should be carefully selected, you don't need to take too much.

10 things you need for a hike

1. Tent. No matter how long the trip is, it is always needed. The tent should be lightweight, made of waterproof fabric, with protection from insects (the entrance should be tightly closed with a zipper, or equipped with a net). The tent is taken one for several people, depending on the model (usually 3-4 persons).

2. Sleeping bag, rug, blanket. Something one should at least be present. Sometimes there are models that the sleeping bag unfolds and becomes a blanket.

3. Compass, map, navigator. Better to have everything with you. The navigator is a modern and good thing, but the battery does not last forever, and it can be difficult to find a network.

4. A folding knife, preferably a universal one, where there is an opener, and a corkscrew, and so on.

5. Lantern. It should be reliable, bright, if possible LED, they keep the battery charge better, an additional set of batteries will not hurt either.

6. First aid kit and hygiene products. The first-aid kit contains a standard set: bandage, antiseptic, pain reliever, activated charcoal and stomach remedy, allergy medicine, insect repellents, burns, alcohol. Also needed: toothpaste and brush, soap, disposable shampoos, sunscreen, toilet paper, comb, towel.

7. Matches, lighter. Better both, and not in one copy. It is better to put them in a bag so as not to get wet. If necessary, cook something or just warm up by the fire. You need to choose a place specially designated for this, so as not to start a fire.

8. Dishes. Plastic dishes are suitable, not disposable.This includes: a plate, a glass, a spoon, a pot, you can take one for the whole company.

9. Food and water. It is better to take non-perishable products, canned food, cereals, pasta, hard vegetables and fruits, tea, sugar. The supply of water is 2 liters per person, it will be difficult to carry more, it is necessary to replenish supplies in the springs.

10. Means of communication: telephone, walkie-talkie. Safety comes first.

In addition to the main ones, there is also a set of additional things that you may need during the hike, but are not required:

1. Camera. To capture pleasant moments and scenic landscapes.

2. Telescopic sticks. Ease the load on the legs.

3. Hatchet. It can be useful for chopping branches.

4. Sapper blade. If you have to dig.

5. Wet wipes. Convenient hygiene.

The most important thing is to take good company and good mood with you. Happy Holidays!

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