List Of Things You Need To Travel

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List Of Things You Need To Travel
List Of Things You Need To Travel

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When going on the road and packing clothes in a suitcase, it is important not to forget the essentials, without which the trip may not take place. It is a good idea to have a list of the essentials in front of your eyes during the training camp.

List of things you need to travel
List of things you need to travel


Step 1

Documentation. Check if you took with you

- passport;

- cash;

- credit cards;

- documents confirming the right to live at the place of rest;

- required addresses and telephones;

It will not be superfluous to take with you a map of the area you are going to, as well as a photo of your luggage (in case of loss or damage).

Step 2

Mobile technology.

- telephone;

- video and / or camera;

- the tablet;

- spare batteries or accumulators;

- charging device;

- headphones;

- travel hairdryer.

Step 3

Mini first aid kit. It is better to take the most necessary medicines with you so as not to run in search of a pharmacy in an emergency. In addition, problems with purchasing the most basic medicines may arise abroad. We complete the first aid kit:

- pain reliever;

- Activated carbon;

- plasters;

- iodine (best of all in the form of a pencil);

- drug for motion sickness;

- antipyretic;

- broad-spectrum antibiotic;

- a universal remedy for allergies;

- a remedy for the treatment of skin problems (based on panthenol, for example);

- medicines that you take regularly.

Step 4

Cosmetic bag. In addition to decorative cosmetics, you must take

- wet wipes (preferably antibacterial);

- deodorant;

- shaving machines;

- toothpaste and brush;

- lip balm;

- personal hygiene products;

- sun cream (with a UV factor of at least 30).

Step 5

A few other little things that you can take with you, if space permits, may also be useful:

- organizer for shoes made of lightweight material. It can be hung on the door and stored in "field conditions" various little things;

- a small steamer or travel iron;

- a large scarf made of natural silk (it will protect from both cold and heat thanks to the excellent thermoregulating properties of silk, it can be turned into a pareo or hide a not very presentable hairstyle);

- a foldable bag (the main condition is that it must have a zipper and hold firmly on the suitcase when you roll it).

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