How To Make A List Of Things For A Trip

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How To Make A List Of Things For A Trip
How To Make A List Of Things For A Trip
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How to make a list of things for a trip? It is necessary to organize the preliminary stage of the trip so as not to experience discomfort in the future. To do this, it is better to rely not only on your memory, but also to create a written list.

How to make a travel list
How to make a travel list

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a pen.


Step 1

Linen. You can forget something you need, so the list of things for the trip should be detailed. So, underwear can be accidentally forgotten without proper reminder. Bring at least 3 pairs of extra underwear and socks.

Step 2

Hygiene items. You will probably start your journey with a train, car or air flight. It's not always comfortable. Therefore, it is worth taking with you the simplest things for personal hygiene. This is a toothbrush, hair comb, depilation razor. Shampoos and hair conditioners are irreplaceable. A face towel is an essential travel element. Don't forget about the care products. Day and night face creams will keep you fresh all the way. For their better absorption, it is worth taking a toner for all skin types. It's easier to take it all in miniature. Travel kits are usually the best fit.

Step 3

Clothing. A pair of T-shirts, a shirt and pants are enough for the vacation. Wherever you go, warm clothes don't hurt. Make sure to include sweaters or sweatshirts in case of bad weather. The same goes for the umbrella. Even if the forecast says it will be sunny, play it safe.

Step 4

Bathing suits. On summer vacation, this is the most important piece of clothing. Sun hats or caps are great attachments.

Step 5

Footwear. List replacement shoes. But do not take more than two pairs, otherwise the suitcase will be overloaded.

Step 6

Documentation. Think about what documents you need on your trip. This is primarily a passport, insurance, vouchers. Don't put them in your suitcase. The best place for such items is your bag with its secret pocket.

Step 7

First aid kit. It's easy to get sick on the way. Therefore, cold remedies, pain relievers and antiallergenic medications are required. The same can be said for indigestion pills. Sun protection and anti-burn products are helpful. Earplugs come in handy on air travel.

Step 8

Phone and charger. The main technical tool that will always be with you is the phone, it needs recharging. The battery charger is one of the top most needed things.

Step 9

Finance. It is difficult to forget money and tickets for the desired type of transport, but it is better to include them in the number of must-have things. The same goes for credit cards.

Step 10

Camera. To preserve memories, it is worth taking a camera and a charger for it.

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