How To Return A Ticket

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How To Return A Ticket
How To Return A Ticket
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When an unforeseen situation occurs, as a result of which a person is forced to abandon the flight on a business trip or on vacation, the inevitable problem of returning the ticket appears. How to perform this procedure correctly?

How to return a ticket
How to return a ticket

It is necessary

  • - Air ticket;
  • - passport.


Step 1

If you return the ticket earlier than 1 day in advance, you can get back its full cost. After this period, the airline may charge you a fine, but not more than 25% of the original price.

Step 2

If you bought a ticket at a business class or first class fare, then you can return the document, having received the entire amount of money. If the pass was purchased in economy class, then a fine may be deducted from you, or you will not be able to make a refund at all. This rule also applies to tickets sold at special discount rates and during sales.

Step 3

You can return the ticket if you have not issued a visa for an already paid trip. To do this, you must have a written refusal from the embassy of the respective country. Airline representatives or airport check-in staff must make a mark on the ticket and seal it.

Step 4

Refunds are made strictly to the place of purchase by the person in whose name it was issued. Take your identification document with you. Money is given to another person only if there is a notarized power of attorney.

Step 5

In a situation where the landing site is relocated, the carrier violates flight connections, or the class of service changes, the responsibility lies with the airline. The airline is required to make an involuntary refund if your flight is canceled or delayed for more than three hours. In this situation, a refund can be made at the airport ticket office. The carrier should not charge any fees or fines.

Step 6

If your flight is canceled or delayed after you checked in, collect your flight coupon from the service staff. In its absence, the ticket is considered used and is non-refundable.

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