How Old Is It To Fly On An Airplane?

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How Old Is It To Fly On An Airplane?
How Old Is It To Fly On An Airplane?

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Plane crashes are happening more and more often today. The causes of flight accidents are different - from weather conditions and the human factor to faulty old equipment. Accidents often happen during vacation periods, when airlines use all of their aircraft to carry the maximum number of passengers.

How old is it to fly on an airplane?
How old is it to fly on an airplane?

Old aircraft and their operation

The venerable age of aircraft today is one of the most common versions of plane crashes. However, experts argue that there is simply no such thing as an "old aircraft", since civil aircraft are designed for 25-30 years of operation. At the same time, both the new and the "old" aircraft have completely identical flight performance and economic characteristics.

Throughout their entire service life, aircraft are constantly undergoing maintenance procedures, repairs and large-scale upgrades of working systems.

After passing all the necessary procedures, even old airplanes, approved for operation, have absolutely functional systems. At the same time, they practically do not differ from the aircraft that have just come off the factory assembly line. For reference: the Russian airworthiness system is considered one of the most stringent and uncompromising technical control systems in the world.

The replacement of older aircraft is carried out by carriers to keep costs to a minimum. Modern aircraft use less fuel, require less maintenance and look more attractive. The highest quality liners are considered, the age of which is from 12 to 17 years, since it is at this age that they acquire the best operational conditions.

Dangerous age of aircraft

According to world standards, the aircraft can be safely used for 30, 40 and even 50 years. However, most experts recommend refraining from further practice of acquiring used aircraft, as their equipment and systems can be in poor condition if not properly maintained and maintained.

Each type of aircraft has a maximum service life - it is guaranteed that they can be 60 thousand flight hours and 12 thousand successful landings.

Thus, airliners flying for more than 30 years can be considered dangerous aircraft, but there is a very important feature here. An aircraft cannot be young or old - its unfitness is determined solely by its resource. In this regard, it is possible to fly even on an old liner, the resource of which is constantly updated by the air carrier.

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