How To Relax In Tunisia In

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How To Relax In Tunisia In
How To Relax In Tunisia In
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Tunisia is one of the most popular holiday destinations among Europeans. It is a beautiful country with an interesting history and pleasant climate. Here you can combine a beach holiday with an extensive excursion program.

How to relax in Tunisia
How to relax in Tunisia


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Going to Tunisia, you should take into account the climatic features of this country. In principle, you can relax here all year round, but if you are attracted by a beach holiday, then it is best to go to this country from May to July or from September to November. In winter, frequent rains are possible, and the air temperature can drop to 11 degrees, and in July and August in the south of the country the temperature can reach 45-50 degrees. In such heat, neither air conditioners nor sea coolness will save you.

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There are a lot of hotels in Tunisia, however, it is worth noting that the declared star rating of the hotels does not always correspond, therefore, try to get the most accurate information from the tour operator about the place where you are going to go. But even inexpensive hotels do their best for the comfort of their guests. Service in the country is really at a very high level.

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If your goal is simply to lie in the sun, go to any hotel, choosing the stardom and comfort in accordance with the planned vacation expenses. And if you want to practice some kind of sport, then you should find out if the hotel has an opportunity for yachting, scuba diving, etc.

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Be sure to take at least one of the many excursions offered by both tour operators and local tour bureaus. You can go to the Sahara Desert, which is the main attraction of Tunisia, and meet the sunrise there. Guests of the country are also offered horseback riding on purebred Arab stallions, you can take a course of thalassotherapy. But the Sahara is definitely worth a visit. The desert is not only endless sand dunes, you will see fabulous oases, lakes, tropical plants.

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Get to know the country's cultural heritage. In Tunisia, there are many ruins of the ancient years, temples, fortresses, forts, aqueducts, antique statues. Experienced guides will tell you about the peoples who inhabited these lands and the modern life of Tunisia. By the way, it is on the territory of this country that the legendary Carthage, destroyed by the Romans, is located. And in the south of Tunisia, you can see the caves that were built by the Berbers. These caves go up to ten meters deep into the earth, and people still live in them. Be sure to visit the colorful oriental bazaar. The more you see during your vacation, the more you will learn about this wonderful country.

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