Is It Possible To Go To Tunisia In October

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Is It Possible To Go To Tunisia In October
Is It Possible To Go To Tunisia In October
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What if the vacation was granted in October, and you planned to spend it in Tunisia? I wanted so much the hot southern sun and the warm gentle sea. Dreams are shattered, plans are not given to come true. Stop! Maybe all is not lost yet, maybe not everything is so bad. Let's try to find out if Tunisia can give in October everything that we drew in our dreams.



Tunisia is located on the African continent in its northern part, next to Algeria and Libya. The sea in Tunisia is Mediterranean. The borders of the state are divided approximately equally: half is land, and half is along the seashore. Tunisia is an attractive tourist destination with its long coastline and Mediterranean Sea. There are several islands along the coastline: Djerba (the largest), Kerkenna, Kuriat, Zembra. The state is small. Its length is only 800 kilometers from south to north and about 150 kilometers from west to east in the narrowest part.


Tunisia has a subtropical climate. But the weather differs depending on the location. From the north, the Mediterranean Sea dictates the weather, and from the south, the Sahara Desert. In the north, it is hot and dry in summer, cool and humid in winter, and warm rains. In summer, the daytime temperature is 30-35 degrees. But this temperature is tolerated quite comfortably, because warm humid winds blow from the sea. Therefore, there is no true African heat in the north, especially not far from the coast. But in the south of the country the climate is different. There is also African heat during the day and cold desert nights. Rain can be seen in the southern part of Tunisia only in winter, and even then rarely. During the day, the sand heats up so that you can bake eggs in it, the air warms up to 40 degrees and above, and at night the temperature drops to zero. This is the whole "charm" and deceit of the climate of the south of this state. Therefore, it is imperative that if you are planning excursions to the Sahara or living in the southern part of the country, you need to take warm clothes.

The best time to travel

For one person, the best time to travel may be one time, for another person, another time. But most often they go to warm countries for the hot sun, sea and ocean coasts and beaches, swimming in the oceans and seas. Therefore, most tourists go to Tunisia for the same. During the year, the weather in Tunisia does not change as dramatically as in Siberia, for example. But there are still differences. The hottest months are July, August and September. At the same time, the peak of the heat falls precisely in August, then the air temperature during the day is on average 30-35 degrees (but sometimes it is much higher), at night it is also quite warm - an average of 26 degrees. The sea warms up to 26 degrees.

The coldest months are December and January. Then the sea temperature is 15-17 degrees, the daytime air temperature is no more than 15, and the night temperature is no more than 10 degrees. It is believed that the full holiday and beach season runs from April to October. Considering that the sea in April manages to warm up after winter only up to 16-18 degrees, swimming in the sea is still questionable in April and May. But for the entire period of the cold sea in hotels there are swimming pools with heated water, so you can swim in the pool.

As for October, this month is still very comfortable weather for rest. The sea does not have time to cool down after hot September, its temperature is about 24 degrees. The October air temperature is about 27-30 degrees during the day and 20-22 degrees at night. Therefore, we can definitely say that in October it is possible to go to Tunisia, especially for those who do not tolerate the heat very well. Moreover, you can have a wonderful rest, because besides the sea and the sun, there is a lot of interesting things.

What places to visit in Tunisia in October

Since the heat begins to subside in October, it is in October that many excursions become more comfortable, which are not very easily tolerated in the summer heat.After all, the Tunisian heat is almost imperceptible on the beach by the sea, and further from the sea it is still felt. In October, you can quite comfortably visit the national parks and see the ruins of Carthage. There are many interesting things: mosques, fortress walls, palaces.

Tours are frequent in October, including attending concerts at the famous amphitheater in El Jammah. This amphitheater is a unique structure that has practically survived to our times, although it was built in the 3rd century BC. Then gladiator fights took place in it. Now it is included in the UNESCO heritage and is a local landmark. Among other things, in October you can make a trip to the Sahara, because in the summer not everyone can do it.

If we analyze the reviews of tourists about holidays in Tunisia in October, we can conclude that October is one of the most comfortable months for holidays in this country and can give everything that we dreamed of and even more. The only thing to consider when planning your trip is that the weather begins to deteriorate a lot around the last week of October. Therefore, it is advisable to complete your vacation by this time.

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