How To Relax In Cuba

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How To Relax In Cuba
How To Relax In Cuba
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Most tourists are suspicious of their vacation in Cuba. Most likely, the second name is embarrassing - the Island of Liberty. All this is a myth, you can walk down the street quite calmly even at night. Holidays in Cuba all year round, temperatures in winter and summer are up to 30C. Velvet sandy beaches, clear water and gentle sun await you. And the nature on the island will amaze with its uniqueness (some species of flora and fauna are found only here).

How to relax in Cuba
How to relax in Cuba


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The good news is that tourists with an average income can afford a vacation in Cuba. The prices are reasonable and the service remains impeccable. It is better to take money with you in euro currency, since it is much less hassle with them than with dollars. Also in Cuba VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD and others are accepted, except for "American Express".

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As for the visa, the residents of Russia do not need it only if the vacation is planned for up to 1 month. All you need is your passport, return ticket and voucher.

Step 3

Be sure to take all the medicines you need with you.

Step 4

You cannot drink tap water in Cuba! Food is best bought in stores.

If you want to buy crocodile leather souvenirs, then be aware that they require an export license.

Step 5

On vacation, you can also rent a car. It is worth taking from Russian representatives. as in addition you will be given insurance.

Step 6

As for entertainment, there are a lot of excursions there, and they are all for every taste. from fishing on the high seas to jeep safari and visiting Trinidad.

If you want to feel like a resident of Cuba for a few moments, be sure to visit the Tropicana cabaret in Matanzas. Dances, songs, Cuban rum with "tropi-cola" and the famous Cuban cigars - all this will not leave you indifferent. It is also worth visiting the Indian village of Guam (it is located in the largest lake in Cuba) with a botanical garden. At the pier you will be met by dancing Indians. You can touch everything there, even the cows. It is better not to approach crocodiles. But the cane juice with rum is worth a try. Real flavor: wigwams, sculptures, Aboriginal life and finally crocodile meat and coconut cocktail with rum. The crocodile farm and the Caribbean Sea will also leave you a lot of impressions. The thatched roof of Punta Cana Airport is the last attraction before flying home. And only Cuban cigars, rum in a suitcase and photos will remind you of an unforgettable vacation!

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