How To Pack Things In A Suitcase

How To Pack Things In A Suitcase
How To Pack Things In A Suitcase
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Summer is the time for vacations and travels. Packing your suitcase is an important step in any trip. Experienced travelers can do this with their eyes closed. But what about beginners? How to pack all the necessary things and not wrinkle them? What about shoes? And what to do with hygiene products? Let's try to figure out these intricacies!


The first thing you need to do is choose the things that you really need on your trip. You should not take those things that you can do without.

Have you chosen everything you need? Let's start styling. The best way to pack things in a suitcase is to roll them into a roller. Thus, they will not wrinkle and take up a minimum of space.

To roll a thing into a roller, turn it inside out. Then fold the sleeves towards the center. Fold the item along and roll it into a roller. With trousers and jeans, things are easier. It is enough to fold them in half and twist them. Place these rollers on the bottom of the suitcase.

The pleated skirt will not wrinkle if you pack it in a nylon stocking. To do this, stick your hand into the stocking, grab the skirt through it and straighten the stocking along the skirt like a cover.

Place hygiene items on clothing rollers. However, it is better to put those funds that you may need on the road in a side pocket or in a small purse that you will not check in as your luggage.

The roller method is not suitable for light silk shirts, blouses and dresses. It is better to roll them up neatly and put them at the very top last. Short skirts and shorts do not need to be folded at all. Just spread them on top of the rest of your clothes.

To avoid deforming your shoes, place twisted socks in them. We fold the shoes to the heel. We place each pair in a separate bag.

Do not fill your suitcase to capacity to avoid unpleasant situations.

Enjoy your travels!

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