How To Choose A Suitcase On Wheels

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How To Choose A Suitcase On Wheels
How To Choose A Suitcase On Wheels
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Suitcases on wheels have become indispensable helpers for almost everyone on any trip. But their rich assortment, presented in stores, can make you get confused - which option to prefer.

How to choose a suitcase on wheels
How to choose a suitcase on wheels


Step 1

First of all, decide on the size. A large suitcase (more than 70 centimeters high and with a volume of 100 liters or more) is suitable for a family trip so that there is no need to take several small ones. Such suitcases have a big plus - they are equipped with the most durable handles, since they assume heavy luggage.

Step 2

Examine the wheels of the suitcase. The best option is gel or silicone wheels recessed into the body. At the same time, give preference to those suitcases in which the wheels are fixed each separately from each other, and not on the same axis. The larger the wheels, the better the cross-country ability: with large wheels it is more convenient to move on uneven surfaces, of which there are many on your journey. The wheels must rotate in all directions, which also provides good cross-country ability and maneuverability.

Step 3

Pay attention to the material of the suitcase. Leather copies, although they look impressive, are much more expensive and heavier than cloth ones, so before deciding on them, take a closer look at other options. Rigid suitcases can be made of plastic or propylene with the addition of metal (titanium) shavings - these suitcases are the most durable, but more expensive than plastic ones. Fabric suitcases are the lightest option. Thus, when choosing a material, be guided by your personal needs.

Step 4

Additional nuances that are worth paying attention to are the presence of a combination lock, a sufficient number of compartments of different sizes, the presence of belts inside the main compartment for tightening things.

Step 5

Don't buy the cheapest options. Suitcases are a commodity where a low price speaks of low quality. In cheap suitcases, wheels break easily, the pull-out mechanism of the handle sticks or fails, zippers break, and the appearance quickly deteriorates.

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