How To Get Ready For Summer Camp

How To Get Ready For Summer Camp
How To Get Ready For Summer Camp

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Summer is a time of vacations, sun, sea, rest … Many children go to summer camps, and starting from spring they live in anticipation: after all, a camp is not only a good rest, but freedom, independence, new impressions and emotions. For parents, preparing a child for camp is a mixture of joy and excitement. The question always arises: what should he take with him? Even experienced parents have difficulties. And if you are sending a child to camp for the first time - even more so. So how do you prepare for summer camp?

How can a child prepare for summer camp?
How can a child prepare for summer camp?

Be sure to make a list of things in advance. Even if it seems to you that you have written down everything you need, you will forget something and remember later. You need to get together not in a hurry, but gradually, so as not to forget anything.

The documents should also be collected in advance. Check with the head of the camp or shift for a list of documents and start preparing them. In any case, you will have to undergo a medical examination - and one day here you are unlikely to do it.

You should not give your child too many expensive items with you. The fact is that they can suffer from accidents - children are too inattentive, or they can easily be stolen or deliberately spoiled. You will also have to come to terms with the fact that your child will forget some things in the camp or give to someone.

Pack clothes that are not wrinkled (children rarely use an iron in the camp) and that are not dirty, preferably variegated or dark in color. Yes, so that the dirt is less visible.

When forming a wardrobe, call your child. Let him be present during the process. He will certainly help with his advice. You should not give him too old things - the guys will laugh, but he should not be supplied with new things, especially those prepared for wearing at school.

Each piece of clothing, including shoes, must be signed. And show your child where these inscriptions are located.

Figure out how much underwear and socks you need - and add a couple more. Linen will have to be changed often, but not all children will wash, even if now they swear it.

Divide the soap into several pieces, be sure to put it in a soap dish. It is also best to separate the toilet paper into mini rolls. Shampoo is best bought in disposable sachets. Buy new brush and toothpaste and put them together in a bag.

Towels are usually given in the camp, but it is better to put your own. And don't forget the moisturizing wipes! It is better to buy them several packs.

If you are sending a 12-13-year-old girl to the camp, purchase sanitary pads for her, explain what it is and when they should be used so that an unexpected situation does not catch her by surprise.

A girl should not be prohibited from taking cosmetics with her. Better buy an inexpensive and hygienic one for her, but forbid someone else to "borrow" it. Cosmetics is a purely individual thing.

Do not bring large bills with you. Change the money in advance - there will be no time to do this on the spot. If you give your child a mobile phone, put enough money into the account and transfer the SIM card to a local tariff so as not to overpay.

Get the phone numbers from the educators and camp management. But do not call them day and night - it is quite acceptable to inquire about the child's condition a couple of times a week.

Have you collected everything? Lift your suitcase before going out. Too heavy? Get rid of some of the things. Imagine that your child is lugging this suitcase to the bus, then to the camp, and a few days later, vice versa.

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