What Is Included In The Concept Of "hand Luggage"

What Is Included In The Concept Of "hand Luggage"
What Is Included In The Concept Of "hand Luggage"

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You should familiarize yourself with the concept of hand luggage and the rules for its transportation even at the stage of packing your suitcase. Otherwise, the tourist runs the risk of being left without any necessary trifles, forever "donated" to the security service, or even pay a fine!

What is included in the concept
What is included in the concept

Carry-on baggage is a small bag that you can take with you on board the aircraft. It is designed to put in it items of special value, as well as essential items that may be needed during the check-in process upon arrival at the destination, as well as during the flight. For example: documents, mobile devices, books, money, glasses, etc.

Carry-on baggage rules may vary depending on the airline. In general, bags weighing 5-15 kg are allowed in the aircraft cabin. If the airline is loyal to the luggage placed in the cabin, handbags, as well as a briefcase with a laptop, may be carried in additionally.

Airline employees may turn a blind eye to excess hand luggage. However, dimensions are always taken into account strictly - a bag or suitcase must fit in the luggage rack or under the seat of the seat, if it is not located next to the emergency exit.

Low-cost airlines are more demanding on carry-on baggage, since they only carry it for free - items checked in as baggage are, in most cases, subject to payment. You can take on board only one bag measuring approximately 55x40x20 cm. That is, both the laptop and the handbag will have to be packed together.

Certain items are prohibited in carry-on baggage. It:

- sharp objects (scissors, knives, knitting needles, razors, metal nail files);

- containers containing liquids with a total volume of more than 100 ml;

- some types of products;

- flammable and explosive substances;

- weapons and toys imitating it;

- aerosols.

Exceptions are possible for people traveling with children who are allowed to bring baby food and drinks with them. But the security service will probably ask you to show them for inspection. Also, persons in need of medication support can transport the necessary aerosols if they have medical confirmation of their need.

Items purchased from duty-free shops are classified as carry-on baggage, regardless of volume. The condition for their transportation in the cabin of the aircraft is storage in a sealed form until arrival at the final destination.

Additionally, it is allowed to carry a baby stroller or a carrycot weighing up to 10 kg in the cabin. Persons with disabilities have the right to carry crutches and wheelchairs.

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