What To Bring From Montenegro

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What To Bring From Montenegro
What To Bring From Montenegro
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A vacation spent in Montenegro is often so unforgettable that you want to share the joy with your loved ones and give them a piece of this amazing and hospitable country. Thanks to the assortment of Montenegrin souvenirs, it is unlikely that anyone will be left unattended.

What to bring from Montenegro
What to bring from Montenegro

For gourmets

The national cuisine of Montenegro has its own characteristics, which is famous among lovers of delicious lunch. The most desperate even bring home some memorable delicacies with them.

The unchanged leader among them is Pshut - pork ham, cooked using a special long-term smoking technology. It can be purchased in a vacuum package, which will allow it to travel long distances. From fish delicacies, dried carp has long become a worthy contender for Montenegrin souvenirs.

Cheese assortment deserves special attention. The taste of homemade Montenegrin cheeses is somewhat specific, thanks to all kinds of additives - from assorted vegetables to a mixture of hot peppers. But the assortment is so rich that among this variety you can choose something for yourself and as a souvenir. If the forthcoming transportation of cheese raises some concerns, then it is better to deal with it on the spot, and on the road to buy cheese in olive oil, which is packaged in jars.

Olive oil is a must-have item when packing a suitcase back for any self-respecting tourist in Montenegro. Oil in Montenegro is produced at home and at a factory, but regardless of the choice, it will be a quality product for little money.

The wines of Montenegro have already made more than one tourist break the law on baggage transportation. Moreover, if they are packed in a company with several types of Montenegrin vodka - plum, grape, apple, and even homemade moonshine - brandy!


Thanks to the advantageous neighborhood with Italy, shopping in Montenegro will help diversify your wardrobe, both with clothes and shoes of excellent quality. A wide range of leather goods from Italian craftsmen is presented in the boutiques and shops of the Bar.

Local production is presented in the form of clothes and accessories made of eco-leather, which is not inferior to natural leather either in appearance or in durability. Also, warm clothes made of handmade sheep wool will be an excellent winter gift for grandmothers, grandfathers (and not only).


As a souvenir, it is worth buying a national cap embroidered with gold - "kapu", or home textiles with national embroidery. Other gifts from Montenegro, such as painted ceramic plates, paintings with Montenegrin views, jewelry with gems, ethnic costumes and musical instruments will also be a great reminder of a great vacation.

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