How To Choose A Suitcase For Travel

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How To Choose A Suitcase For Travel
How To Choose A Suitcase For Travel
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Traveling can give a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions. This joy can be overshadowed by unusable travel bags. However, this can be avoided by purchasing the most suitable travel suitcase option.

How to choose a suitcase for travel
How to choose a suitcase for travel

Suitcase cost

Arriving at the store, you can be confused by the wide range of prices for travel suitcases. Their cost varies from very small to fairly large amounts.

The price indicator is far from the last place when choosing a suitable option. However, it must be substantiated. It makes sense to purchase an expensive suitcase if you plan to use it often. As a rule, the more expensive a model is, the better it is, which means it will last longer. Cheap models are also suitable for rare trips. As you get bored, it's not a pity to change them, even with a fairly good condition.

Suitcase dimensions

Often, when buying a suitcase, the question regarding its size is at a standstill. The choice can be between a large suitcase for the whole family and several for each member.

A large suitcase is more convenient than a small one, as it can hold a lot of things, and a small one can be considered tiresome carry-on luggage. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire series at once, from the smallest to the largest. Such suitcases will not take up much space when storing at home, since they can be nested inside one another. The largest one is designed for adults, the middle one is for children's things, and the smallest one can be used to store small hand luggage. In addition, the latter fits easily on the shelf above the passenger seat in an airplane.

Suitcase material

Travel bags can be hard (plastic, wood, metal; vinyl, leather coated) and soft fabric, in most cases covering the frame with mounting plates of the structure. Hard variants of suitcases better keep things intact (they do not get wet, do not break). In addition, they themselves will not tear, and they look solid. Such suitcases can have a combination lock, which increases the safety of the contents.

However, more things can fit in soft suitcases, which is an important part of the journey. The plastic model cannot be compressed, it will not swell. But the cloth suitcase is more spacious because it can be squeezed and zipped. Some models of suitcases with soft sides can expand slightly due to the presence of a zipped insert. In these inserts, you can safely place items purchased during the trip. These models are easy to place under the seat in the luggage rack. Their disadvantage is the lower degree of strength and protection of the content.

Suitcases with wheels

The presence of wheels helps to protect the bottom of the suitcase from damage. There can be two or four of them. The four-wheeled version is more maneuverable, but also more susceptible to damage, since the protruding wheels can break off during transportation. It is better to give preference to models with two rubber or covered with it wheels, which can be hidden inside.

Suitcase clasps

Fasteners can be looped and serrated. The former are able to withstand the fairly strong pressure of an overflowing suitcase. The latter are even more durable, since they are either metal or plastic. But if the hinge lock creeps apart, it is possible to fasten it again, but the toothed fastener is unlikely to be repaired.

Suitcase handles

The suitcase must have a firmly attached retractable handle designed to roll the load. It is better if it is thick and powerful. To carry it by hand, 2-3 ordinary handles (top and sides) must be attached to the suitcase.It is important that the fastening points on them, and indeed on the suitcase, have iron rivets or additional seams.

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