Will I Pay For Baggage On The Plane?

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Will I Pay For Baggage On The Plane?
Will I Pay For Baggage On The Plane?

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Soon, baggage transportation when traveling by plane may become a paid service for Russians. This will happen if the people's representatives adopt amendments to the Air Code.

Will I pay for baggage on the plane?
Will I pay for baggage on the plane?

Why do they want to pay for baggage transportation

Air passengers may indeed have to pay extra for baggage in the near future. This service is currently included in the ticket price. It should be noted right away that the changes will affect only low-cost air carriers, the so-called low-cost airlines or discounters.

However, those who like to travel by plane should not be upset and make a tragedy out of this, since the upcoming amendments to the Air Code will only play into their hands. Passengers of low-cost airlines will have the opportunity to independently decide whether they need a baggage service or not. This alternative has advantages for both passengers and airlines. The former will be able to save money, and the latter will be able to form a more diverse range of tariffs.

It turns out that everyone will remain “in chocolate”. It should be noted that at the same time, carrying hand luggage on board the aircraft will still be completely free. The exact cost of baggage transportation is still unknown.

What are low-cost airlines

This term refers to airlines that offer tickets at low prices and with a minimum of service. Such air carriers refuse certain services that ordinary companies offer to their customers, which allows them to lower the cost of the flight.

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