What Are The Largest Waterfalls In The World

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What Are The Largest Waterfalls In The World
What Are The Largest Waterfalls In The World
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The nature of the planet Earth is unique and majestic so that it boggles the imagination. Mountain peaks, seas, reserves are of amazing beauty. Among all the beauties of nature, a special place is occupied by unique waterfalls, which are the splendor of our planet.

What are the largest waterfalls in the world
What are the largest waterfalls in the world

Highest waterfalls

Angel Falls on the Churun ​​River in the mountains of Venezuela is considered the highest. Since 2009 it has been called Kerepakupai-meru. But in the rest of the world it is better known as Angel due to the surname of the pilot who discovered the waterfall in 1933 during a geological exploration flight. You can get to the waterfall by river or by air. There is no land road to it. Angel has a height of 1054 m and is always shrouded in fog, formed by a fine water suspension.

Tugela Falls is the largest waterfall in Africa. Located in South Africa, Natal province. It has a height of 948 m and a width of 15 m. It has 5 cascades. The water in it is drinkable. You can get to the waterfall by lift or on foot along one of two trails. Hiking can take up to 7.5 hours. And this is one way.

Belbe is the highest waterfall in Eurasia. Water falls down from a height of 866 m. It is located in Norway.

Yosemite Falls is the tallest in North America at 727.5 m. And the 6th highest in the world. The name of the waterfall was given by the Indians. In honor of the great leader of Yosemite and means - a big grizzly bear. Europeans discovered the waterfall in 1851. And in 1890 the territory adjacent to the waterfall received the status of the US National Park.

Sutherland Falls Located on South Island in New Zealand. It has a height of 580 m. It is named after its discoverer. The waterfall and the surrounding area are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Other famous waterfalls

Victoria Falls, located on the Zambezi River, the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is striking in its width. It is 1800 m at an altitude of 108 m. Discovered by the famous explorer Livingstone, and named after Queen Victoria.

Niagara Falls is perhaps the most famous and touted. It reaches a height of no more than 53 m and a width of 1200 m. It has a reputation as the most beautiful and majestic waterfall. The abundance of = hotels, observation towers, special manholes that bring tourists to the very bottom of the waterfall, and other developed infrastructure makes it the most attractive to visit.

The Guaira Falls amazes with the amount of water thrown down at a time - 13, 3 thousand cubic meters. Moreover, its height is slightly more than 30 m. This giant is located on the border of Paraguay and Brazil. It was first discovered by a gold digger whose name has not been preserved in history. Officially opened by an expedition of Italian specialists.

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