Do I Need A Passport To Enter Kazakhstan

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Do I Need A Passport To Enter Kazakhstan
Do I Need A Passport To Enter Kazakhstan
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Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Borovoe, Taraz, Shymkent are just some of the cities, to travel through which you must definitely come to Kazakhstan. And in order to leave only the best impressions from the trip, it is better to find out some of the nuances of the customs requirements of the republic in advance.


New visa rules for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's migration requirements are very flexible and change quite often. So, from June 1, 2013, new rules for issuing visas to visit the country began to operate on the territory of the republic. Two new types of visas have appeared in circulation - "immigration" and "non-immigration". Nonimmigrant visas include service, investor, diplomatic, tourist, missionary and transit visas, while immigration visas are those obtained for an educational course, family reunification, work, etc.

In addition, each of the types of visas has 2 or more categories (for example, for a diplomatic visa, there are three of them - A1, A2 and A3). On average, tourist visas are issued for up to 90 days with the right to stay in the republic for 30 days. For 48 developed countries, including European countries and the United States, Kazakhstan has retained a simplified procedure for obtaining visas.

By the way, the Kazakh visa is not so cheap: from 1,500 rubles and more.

To Kazakhstan with a passport?

Fortunately, for Russia, along with Belarus, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and several dozen other countries (there are 47 countries in total), there is a visa-free regime for visiting Kazakhstan. This means that to visit the republic, residents of the Russian Federation will not need not only a visa, but also a passport - you can cross the border with an all-Russian passport. Moreover, the maximum period of stay in Kazakhstan is 90 days without a visa. If necessary, it can be extended.

The most convenient way to travel to Kazakhstan is by plane. Travel time (direct flight) is from 3, 5 to 5 hours, depending on the city of destination.

When crossing the country, each traveler is issued an immigration card, on which a mark of entry is made. When leaving Kazakhstan, this card is withdrawn. With the same immigration card, within the first 5 days after arrival, all foreign citizens, including Russians, must come to the Migration Police of Kazakhstan and register.

There should be no bureaucratic red tape with registration - you can register at all airports in Kazakhstan, international road and rail checkpoints, as well as at any hotel or the nearest area of ​​the Migration Police. There is no need to take risks and try to avoid being registered: for violation of the registration rules, a fine is provided, which you still have to pay before leaving the country.

By the way, in order not to get into a mess with a trip to Kazakhstan, it is better to take care of obtaining a passport - the customs rules of the republic are very changeable, and hardly anyone would like to urgently reschedule a vacation. And why, when there are so many amazing places in Kazakhstan.

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