How To Get A Free Visa

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How To Get A Free Visa
How To Get A Free Visa

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Many categories of Russian citizens are eligible to obtain a free visa through a travel agency or directly at the consulate. Prepare all the necessary documents in advance so that the registration of a free visa is not delayed.

How to get a free visa
How to get a free visa


Step 1

Contact one of the travel agencies that conducts a promotion for obtaining a free visa under certain conditions (for example, when buying a tour to a country - usually the Schengen area). Submit all documents required to enter this country. So to obtain a Schengen visa you will need:

- original and certified copy of the passport (all pages);

- 2 photos 3, 5 × 4, 5 cm (colored on a white background);

- a certificate from the place of work certified by the seal of your organization;

- certificates of income (including in foreign currency);

- a certified copy of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;

- a certified copy of the passport issued to you earlier (if any);

- birth certificates (original and certified copy) and a certificate from the place of study of children (if they are traveling with you).

Step 2

Please note: children under 16 receive a free visa in any case (stamped in the passport of one of the parents). In addition, citizens of the Russian Federation over 70 years old receive a free visa for travel to most countries of the world. These groups of citizens can travel abroad on a free visa 2 times a year for a period not exceeding 10 days.

Step 3

If you have any group of disabilities, then you also have the right to a free visa (2 times a year for a period not exceeding 10 days). For this, in addition to the specified documents, you will need to present a valid certificate of disability.

Step 4

If you wish to visit the graves of relatives buried in another country, then a visa is affixed to you free of charge, subject to the submission to the consulate of all documents confirming the fact of burial on the territory of this state. Relatives of patients undergoing medical treatment abroad, as well as relatives of those killed during natural disasters (or in other circumstances) of citizens also receive visas for free.

Step 5

There are several more categories of citizens who, due to their professional activities or business necessity, are allowed to obtain free visas (single and multi-entry). It:

- railway workers;

- participants in sports, cultural, scientific and technical events held abroad;

- teachers of schools and universities, as well as schoolchildren and students going abroad for exchange.

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