How To Go Through Border Control At The Russian Border

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How To Go Through Border Control At The Russian Border
How To Go Through Border Control At The Russian Border
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With the acquisition of the opportunity to travel and fly not only from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, Russians also had the need to go through passport control at the country's borders. In short, it is called border control. Of course, experienced travelers are well aware of the rules and nuances of border crossing. But beginners sometimes find themselves in situations from the category of "better to avoid". It is worth knowing about them in advance with a passport to the window of the border service.

The "folk path" will never grow to the border control window
The "folk path" will never grow to the border control window

Don't rush to pass by

When approaching a border guard officer, try to treat your near future with understanding, and respect the border guard. Of course, you shouldn't be smiling, making jokes, or even flirting with a pretty girl ensign. But it is completely unnecessary to come up with the look as if your fate is being decided or, moreover, you will now be immediately shot. Be calm, polite, and considerate. After all, the person checking the documents is at work and really wants you to fly away quickly.

The new regulations on border control in Russia stipulate that the entire procedure at the window, starting with the presentation of a passport, cannot exceed three minutes.

Goodbye Russia

The list of documents for a safe departure, for example, to Egypt or Thailand, is formally extensive, it contains 13 items. Fortunately, the average passenger does not need all of them. To calmly sunbathe at an overseas resort and, most importantly, to return safely, it is enough to have a passport with a visa and a coupon for boarding the Boeing. You can also take a Russian passport as a safety net. But if you went on vacation with your family, and there is not a word about children in the passports of adults, then documents will also be required for your underage offspring.

Halt who goes

The phrase, popular among the military personnel of the border troops, about the lock and key closed by them, sometimes also applies to ordinary tourists. But each of these cases, and there are seven in total, is checked not even seven times. In particular, vigilant "green caps" will refuse to let you out of the country if you appear on their computers as a criminal, convicted or wanted. Or you are under suspicion and investigation. They will ask you to delay if you fail to pay any fine that has become known to the bailiffs. Even such a trifling one as 100 rubles from the traffic police.

Similar situations that can disrupt a planned vacation are likely to arise if you went abroad as a conscript soldier. That is, they left the military unit without permission. Either you know a state secret and are related to the secrets of the country. The electric barrier will not open in front of you even if you report false information about yourself and problems with documents.

Patients of cardiology centers who have undergone surgery to install a heart valve should definitely take a confirmation certificate from the surgeon. If present, a person will not be asked to pass through the electromagnetic frame.

Take me off, photographer

Knowledgeable people argue that at the border, albeit conditional, it is important not to differ from the photo in your own passport. And vice versa. And if before departure you had a cosmetic operation, dyed your hair, being a brunette, red, or grew a thick beard, then it is better to take care of the appropriate certificate with the seal in advance. It often really helps. Although the same border guards claim that they are able to identify a person even by the earlobe.

The passenger's refusal to comply with the lawful request of the border guard, especially in a rude form, threatens the stubborn not only with a call to the police and a fine of 2,000 rubles, but also with the deprivation of the opportunity to board the plane.

The latter concerns, for example, a very sensitive situation that sometimes arises at the border, when a lady approaches the border control counter and shows a passport with a photograph of a man, a man's first and last name. But he seriously claims that he is presenting a personal document. Hearing and seeing this, sometimes even experienced professionals get lost. Indeed, in the Russian border documents, as in any other, there is not the slightest mention of transsexuals.

It does not say there how to cross the border for people who have been on hormone replacement therapy for a long time, who are seriously changing their appearance, but who have not undergone surgery and, naturally, have not even changed their civil passport. Fortunately, most of the border guards still meet halfway. And transsexual people, albeit after a very long check, or even with a scandal, they still let pass.

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