Where Can You Go For The New Year Holidays

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Where Can You Go For The New Year Holidays
Where Can You Go For The New Year Holidays

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Before the New Year's festivities, future vacations and a long line after the New Year's holidays, many people think about how you can spend the holidays in an interesting and productive way. After all, there are so many places in the world where you could relax, gain impressions, learn and see something new for yourself.

Where can you go for the New Year holidays
Where can you go for the New Year holidays


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If you are staying for the New Year holidays in Russia, take a tour of the Golden Ring, which is offered by many travel agencies in the country. You will visit such ancient cities of Russia as Rostov, Vladimir, Suzdal and many others, see the architecture of these places, your children will learn the history of their native country and gather positive emotions with you.

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Of course, Veliky Ustyug awaits visitors in Russia on New Year's Eve. Visit this city as a guest of Ded Moroz himself, visit the tower where he lives, meet his granddaughter Snegurochka and fabulous forest characters.

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Karelia is another amazing and mysterious place in Russia, where you can see a huge waterfall, beautiful lakes, the Kizhi Museum. Another equally ecological place in Russia is Seliger. Literally a couple of days of rest on a wonderful clean lake, ice skating, sledding, skiing will give you a great mood for the whole year.

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And one more good idea to spend the New Year without going far from home. Near your city where you live, rent a country cottage literally for the weekend, which you have in stock. Outside the city, you can perfectly celebrate the New Year itself, dress up a Christmas tree in the courtyard of the house, play snowballs with loved ones, take a walk in the winter forest, near the cottage.


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In case you are planning to travel abroad for the New Year holidays, pay attention to the countries of Europe. Finland is the very northern European country that, like no other, is suitable for celebrating the New Year. Despite the harsh winters, visitors will be amazed by the ice castles, hotels, the beauty of Lapland, ski trips, and the beautiful landscape of this country.

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For families with children, choose another European country - the Czech Republic. Here you can contemplate ancient castles, monasteries, taste Czech beer and homemade wines, participate in medieval-themed role-playing games with knights and their ladies of the heart, which are often held here for tourists.


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And lovers of warmth, sea, pleasant bliss under the rays of the sun, while frost and cold are in their native country, can visit hot countries in which it is warm even in winter. For example, Egypt, UAE, Africa, Mexico, Hawaii, Haiti. There is a special pleasant feeling to feel that while blizzards are sweeping in your city, here you can go diving, sail on a yacht, sit in a sun lounger by the sea.

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