Where To Go In Moscow During The New Year Holidays

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Where To Go In Moscow During The New Year Holidays
Where To Go In Moscow During The New Year Holidays

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The first days of January are the best time to relax. It is these days in Moscow that there are many opportunities to have a great rest. New Year's festivities are taking place, special programs are prepared in theaters, circuses and museums. And in the parks there are themed festivities, games, contests and amusements.

New Year's Fair
New Year's Fair


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On New Year's holidays, according to the established tradition, you can go to the ski slopes. In total, there are 239 ski tracks in Moscow. There are also ski resorts in Moscow and the region, so if you do not have time for this on other days, you can go to the ski slope in Northern Butovo or go to Yakhroma Park.

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The twenty-first New Year's fair has opened in the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, here you can find souvenirs for the whole family - leather accessories from designers, blankets, knitted covers and hats, New Year's themed games and much more. There are several beautiful themed attractions such as light tunnels and Fairy Tales, Desires and Predictions orbs. During the New Year holidays, master classes, performances, poetry readings and other events will take place on the territory of the fair.

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During the holidays, the Arkhangelskoye estate invites children and adults for the Christmas festivities. It will host a craft festival, master classes in weaving, pottery, salt dough and clay modeling, and painting. Even in Arkhangelskoe you can go rope tracks, this is an exciting adventure for the whole family. The tracks are divided into adults and children, so no one will be bored. The Snow Maiden and Ded Moroz are waiting for the guests of the estate every day of the holidays.

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This year the Winter Fun complex has already opened in Luzhniki. On the territory of the park, steep hills with long winding descents have been erected. Moreover, they are designed so that both you and your children can ride comfortably. There are beautiful ice and snow sculptures on the territory of the complex, which are especially beautiful in the rays of the bright winter sun. And in Luzhniki there is a huge and very popular skating rink called "South Pole", here you can rent skates and go for a ride with the whole family or with friends.

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