Traveling To Finland By Car: What You Need To Know

Traveling To Finland By Car: What You Need To Know
Traveling To Finland By Car: What You Need To Know
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Finland is one of the most popular countries for Russian tourists. This is largely due to the fact that you can get there by various types of transport: by plane, train, bus, as well as by your own car. If you decide on such an auto-trip, then you need to know and follow a number of rules.

Traveling to Finland by car: what you need to know
Traveling to Finland by car: what you need to know

1. What documents to take

In addition to a passport with a valid visa, medical insurance and confirmation of hotel or cottage booking, you will need:

- certificate of registration for the car;

- Russian driver's license; it is desirable to have international rights when traveling to any country, but, as practice shows, the Finnish border guards do not ask them;

- "green card" - international insurance in case of an accident; You can get a "green card" in advance in any insurance company, and in case you did not have time or forgot to do it - take out insurance along the way: on the Scandinavia highway, there are mobile insurance points at every step;

- if you drive a car under a power of attorney, then this document, notarized, must be with you;

- a vehicle technical inspection coupon (they do not ask for it, but you need to have it).

2. What should be the tires

Finns are very meticulous about the use of different types of rubber at certain times of the year. From December 1 to February 29, it is imperative to use winter tires - otherwise you will simply not be allowed into the country. The tread depth of winter tires must be at least 3 mm. Previously, there was a rule that winter tires must be studded, but now the use of studded rubber is optional - at the discretion of the driver. Summer tires in Finland are used from March 1st to November 30th. Tread depth - not less than 1.6 mm.

3. What to avoid

It is strictly forbidden to take the "anti-radar" device on the road - in Finland its use is prohibited by law! Even if the "radar detector" is not connected, and during the inspection of your luggage, the Finnish border guards will find it in your car - troubles are guaranteed, and the least of them is a large fine (up to 600 euros!). So when getting ready for the trip, do not forget to leave the "radar detector" at home.

4. Parking in Finland

Parking in Finland is a whole set of rules and knowledge. You can leave your car in Finnish cities only in the designated areas! Otherwise - a fine of 50 euros and more! Moreover, it is necessary to pay the fine within a period of one to two weeks, since after that a penalty of 50% will be charged for each day of delay!

- Paid parking. Typically, two parking spaces are equipped with one bollard with two coin acceptors; the cost of parking is on average 1-2 euros per hour. The scoreboard displays a countdown of the paid time, at the end of which a red signal will flash. There are parking lots with ticket machines. The ticket says the time you paid for. The ticket must be placed in the car on the "torpedo" so that it can be seen from the outside. These machines are usually installed in underground parking lots in large supermarkets.

- Free parking. A sign - a white letter "P" on a blue background, will help determine free parking. Below it is the parking schedule. Pay close attention to what is written on the sign; if there are additional signs, the meaning of which you cannot determine, it is better to look for another parking lot in order to avoid a fine. To use the free parking, you need to buy a “parking clock” at a gas station or at the “R” kiosk (cost 3-5 euros). This is a blue cardboard box with a rotating disc, with the help of which the time of arrival at the parking lot is set. The “parking clock” is also placed on the “torpedo”. The time of such a stay is no more than 4 hours. However, remember that on Sundays most parking lots in Finland are free (watch the signs)!

5. If the car suddenly breaks down

SOS payphones for emergency calls are installed on all highways in Finland (toll free):

- repair service: phone 9800-35000; the dispatcher will connect you with a Russian-speaking employee; after the problem is clarified, a mechanic or a tow truck will be sent to you. Remember that towing with a wire rope is not allowed on Finnish highways!

- police: phone 10022; in addition, by phone 112 you can always call the police, ambulance or fire brigade from anywhere.

6. Fines for violation of traffic rules

Fines in Finland are very high, and they are calculated based, firstly, on the severity of the offense and, secondly, on the monthly income of the offender. For example, if you exceed the speed limit by 25 km / h and your income is 3000 euros per month, then you will be fined 540 euros! In general, violations of the speed limit are punished very severely in Finland: speeding by only 3 km / h can remain unpunished, and then sanctions begin. Moreover, on all the tracks, there are many video cameras.

7. How to refuel a car at an automatic petrol station

Understanding how automatic petrol stations work in Finland is very difficult, especially for a beginner! You need to act as follows: stop the car, open the gas tank flap, look at the column number. Usually one automatic payment machine operates on two columns. Do not insert the gun into the gas tank yet! On the display of the machine, you need to select the language (Russian), find the slot for accepting banknotes and insert the required number of banknotes, one at a time, in the correct position (as shown next). The entered amount will appear on the scoreboard. Then you need to indicate the column number (or choose one of the two offered arrows), get a check (a question will appear - is a check needed, to which you must answer "Kyllä / Ei" - "Yes / No"). And only after that you can insert the gun into the tank and fill in the gasoline.

If you want to pay with a bank card, then you need to find a card slot, insert a card there (it will go inside), enter the pin code, following the instructions on the scoreboard, and select the amount for which you want to refuel (the menu will indicate 20, 40, 60, "muu summa" is a different amount). After that, the card will be returned and you can refuel.

Observing all these rules and knowing the features, your trip to Finland will be pleasant and unforgettable!

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