Which Country Has The Warmest Sea

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Which Country Has The Warmest Sea
Which Country Has The Warmest Sea

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When the long-awaited vacation time approaches, many people look forward to sunbathing on the beaches and swimming in the sea. Whether you enjoy your vacation depends on many things: the weather, the level of transport services, service at the resort, natural beauty, etc. But when choosing a vacation spot, it is worth paying attention to the temperature of the water in the sea.

Which country has the warmest sea
Which country has the warmest sea

Which country in the world has the warmest sea

First of all, the sea must be warm, because swimming in cold water is not very pleasant. Not to mention, hypothermia can be hazardous to health. So which sea is the warmest? It is difficult to give an exact answer to the question of where is the warmest sea. There are many countries in the world where the temperature of sea water near the coast, even in winter months, almost never drops below + 25 ° C. And in summer it is much higher. These places include the Seychelles and Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, the Philippines. Very warm water all year round also off the northern and northeastern coasts of Australia, off the coast of Indonesia, the Fiji Islands and many other countries located in the equatorial, subequatorial and tropical zones. And in the Western Hemisphere, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and some other states can boast of warm sea water.

The United States has the warmest water off the coast of Florida. For example, the water temperature off the coast of the world famous resort Miami Beach is from 24 ° C in January to 30 ° C in August.

During the summer months and early autumn, the water in the Red Sea is very warm, as well as in the eastern Mediterranean. For example, the water temperature of the Red Sea off the coast of the popular Egyptian resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada reaches 27-28 ° C, and sometimes even more. In winter, the water in the Red Sea is much cooler, but it almost never drops below 20 ° C. That is, you can swim in this sea all year round.

For this reason, as well as because of the relative proximity of Egypt and the low cost of recreation in this country, the Red Sea resorts are extremely popular with the residents of Russia and many European countries.

In which country is the sea not only very warm, but also very clean

In terms of warmth / cleanliness ratio, the Red Sea is out of competition. After all, not a single river flows into this sea! Consequently, there is no input of silt, river sand and other impurities that reduce the purity and transparency of the water. Thanks to this, numerous tourists can view in all details the beautiful world of underwater coral reefs, admire the bright colorful fish for which the Red Sea is famous, especially in the Sharm El Sheikh region.

Very clean and clear water also near the Maldives, Mauritius, Dominican Republic.

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