Where To Go By Car In Winter

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Where To Go By Car In Winter
Where To Go By Car In Winter
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In winter, sometimes you want to escape from the bustle of the city and spend time traveling, discovering new places and meetings. A suitable and inexpensive option would be to travel by car through Russian cities or even European countries.

Where to go by car in winter
Where to go by car in winter


Step 1

Think ahead of your trip, determine how many days it will take, and how far you will travel. Lovers of romance and adventure can take a trip to another city or even a country, and those who do not like to be on the road for a long time or are not sure of their driving skills can go, for example, out of town - to a village house to visit relatives or friends, make winter hike in the forest, to the ski lodge or to the equestrian center.

Step 2

Take a car trip along the Golden Ring of Russia if you are interested in acquaintance with the history and architecture of the country. Traveling by car will be much more convenient than by bus. You will be able to stay in places convenient for you, you will not depend on guides and excursion programs. Be sure to visit cities such as Vladimir, Suzdal, Nizhny Novgorod, Volokamsk, Yaroslavl and others. You can enjoy local architectural monuments, visit famous churches and cathedrals completely free of charge.

Step 3

Choose one of the ski resorts in Russia as your destination: Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus, Khibiny, etc. At the same time, keep in mind that when visiting elite resorts, accommodation in local hotels and hotels can be quite expensive for you.

Step 4

Find out if a concert of your favorite band or another important and even grandiose event is expected in any city that you cannot miss. If possible, you can go to the event by car with your family or friends, which will bring a lot of impressions in the cold season, which is often boring and dreary.

Step 5

Go to one of the European countries, such as Germany, the Czech Republic or France. This trip will cost you the most and require some preparation. First, you will need to issue a passport at the place of residence and open a visa. Equip your car with quality winter tires and carry out a thorough technical inspection. Consider the average cost of living, food, and refueling a car with gasoline in your chosen country.

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