How To Raft Down A Mountain River

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How To Raft Down A Mountain River
How To Raft Down A Mountain River

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If the gray and monotonous everyday life has captured you, and in thoughts and feelings there is an acute lack of adrenaline, then rafting down mountain rivers can be called a real cure for depression and melancholy. There are many ways and means of floating on a mountain river.

River rafting
River rafting

River rafting in the mountains can be done on rafts, kayaks, rafts, kayaks, catamarans and canoes.

Degrees of difficulty of rafting on a mountain river

The first degree of difficulty in passing the rapids is easy. It is not necessary to have experience and physical strength to pass the thresholds of the first degree. It is quite easy to control the paddle and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The second and third degrees of complexity of the rafting are characterized by the passage of the route along a relatively turbulent river with a small number of rapids under the strict supervision of an instructor. In the third degree of complexity of rafting, you need to be a little technically and physically prepared, as skills in paddle work and maneuvering on the water can be useful.

The fourth and fifth degree of river rapids is a difficult task for travelers who know how to navigate mountain rivers with a large number of rapids and so-called “barrels”. A "barrel" is a large depression or turbulent stream of water above a rock. The only task for tourists when passing through rapids of such difficulty is the passage of a huge bank of water.

The sixth degree of thresholds is considered the most difficult to overcome. It requires professional sports training, experience and special equipment. Usually such routes pass along very rough high-mountain rivers with a huge number of rapids and other obstacles. Rafting on a river of this complexity is filled with risk. Overcoming them requires a high level of skill and physical endurance. Rafting on such dangerous rivers is not always subject to even the most experienced tourists.

Where and with whom you can go rafting down the mountain river

Rafting on mountain rivers of varying degrees of difficulty is a unique opportunity to see the most environmentally friendly and remote regions of the world, namely: Europe, USA, Nepal, Russia, Turkey, Croatia and many other corners of the planet.

They attract many tourists with their accessibility and fascination. Due to the different levels of difficulty, this type of recreation attracts different categories of vacationers. There is an opportunity to safely go rafting down the mountain river with friends or with the whole family and overcome several small rapids, as well as take walks in the local natural landscapes. And you can overcome yourself and your fears on the stormy mountain rapids, fill your life with adrenaline and extreme types of recreation and sports.

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