What Can Be Seen In St. Petersburg

What Can Be Seen In St. Petersburg
What Can Be Seen In St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg is rightfully considered the Northern capital of Russia. This city is one of the most beautiful in the Russian Federation. Visiting the city on the Neva, you can personally see the great history and culture of the Russian state, get acquainted with the numerous exhibits of museums and see many of the sights of the world-famous city.

What can be seen in St. Petersburg
What can be seen in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city in Russia that has always been distinguished by its cultural customs. It is full of various sights and monuments of culture and architecture. If a tourist comes to St. Petersburg, then you should definitely visit the Alexandrinsky Theater, which is the first permanent public theater, the Cabinet of Curiosities or the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (this is its officially accepted name), the Mariinsky Palace.

In St. Petersburg, you can see with your own eyes the summer palace of Peter I. This is one of the oldest buildings that are today in the city on the Neva. The building itself is located in a place that has received the resounding name of the Summer Garden. The Summer Garden is a park that was founded and began to build up back in the 18th century, at a time when the development of the Northern capital was at its initial stage. The Summer Palace became a favorite place of Peter I. The emperor himself took part in all stages of design and construction of this beautiful building with a rich history.

A special place in the architecture of the city is occupied by majestic temples and cathedrals. In St. Petersburg you can see St. Isaac's Cathedral. On the upper floors of the building there is an observation deck, which offers an amazing view of the city. Kazan Cathedral is also a masterpiece of architectural construction. You can see the famous Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

The city's sliding bridges on the Neva can serve as an interesting sight. Not every settlement in Russia has such technologies.

A tourist visiting St. Petersburg will find it very interesting to look at the Hermitage. The city has an oceanarium, a zoological museum, and a naval museum.

Special attention should be paid to the sea cruisers, which are located on the embankment of the city.

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