Peru: 14 Interesting Facts

Peru: 14 Interesting Facts
Peru: 14 Interesting Facts
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Peru is a small country located on the South American continent. This state with its own customs, economy and culture can attract the interest of tourists from all over the world. Some interesting features of this country can be cited.

Peru: 14 interesting facts
Peru: 14 interesting facts

Citizens of Peru cannot miss the elections, because if someone breaks the law, they may be denied access to services in public institutions. This is the harsh position of the Peruvian authorities in relation to the fulfillment of the public debt by the inhabitants of the country.

One of the main vegetable crops grown in Peru is corn. It comes in yellow, black, red, purple and white. This is not surprising, because more than fifty-five varieties of this crop are grown in the country. Accordingly, local dishes are also prepared using, if not corn, then flour from it.

On the territory of Peru, in ancient times, there was the state of Tahuantinsuyu, in which the Incas lived. Therefore, Peruvians can talk about the rich history of their lands.

The Peruvian nation is very rich, as they are the sixth largest gold producer in the world. Probably, this is all thanks to their ancestors, the Incas, who left their treasures here. There are also deposits of zinc, wood and iron.

Peruvians love to grow potatoes. More than three thousand different varieties of potatoes grow in this country.

Peruvian culture is a mixture of rituals and traditions borrowed from the Spaniards and Americans.

Peruvians are proud of Lake Titicaca, as it is the largest in South America.

The University of San Marcos in Peru is the oldest institution of higher education on the continents of the Americas. The educational institution was opened in the middle of the sixteenth century.

Peruvians believe in witchcraft and magic. The largest number of shamans among the countries of South America live here. There are more shamans in the world only in India.

Peru is home to about two thousand species of different birds.

Peru has the Colca Canyon, which is recognized as the deepest in the world. You can see him in the Arequipa region.

In Peru, visit Machu Picchu, a citadel built by the Incas. The citadel was lost among the mountains for many hundreds of years. This is one of the oldest landmarks in all of South America.

Peruvians celebrate the New Year dressed in all yellow to attract good luck.

In the Peruvian Desert of Suchura, you can see the highest dune called Cerro Blanco.

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