Where To Go On Nevsky

Where To Go On Nevsky
Where To Go On Nevsky
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Nevsky Prospekt is one of the oldest and, perhaps, the most famous street in St. Petersburg, stretching for 4.5 kilometers between the Admiralty and the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. It crosses the Fontanka and Moika rivers, as well as the Griboyedov Canal. The appearance of Nevsky changes from year to year, but monuments and sculptures, architectural ensembles, bridges thrown over the canals remain unchanged. This street is the heart of the business and cultural life of the Northern capital, as well as a place for walks and recreation for townspeople and tourists.

Where to go on Nevsky
Where to go on Nevsky

Nevsky Prospect abounds in architectural landmarks. Its undoubted pearl is the Kazan Cathedral. This is perhaps the main creation of the architect Andrei Voronikhin and one of the first examples of Russian classicism at the beginning of the 19th century. The height of the cathedral is 71.5 meters. It was erected on the site of a wooden church. The author sought to give the building the maximum resemblance to St. Peter's Cathedral, which is located in Rome. However, only Russian craftsmen worked on its construction. In addition, only the stone that was mined in Russia was used for decoration. The front facade of the building is decorated with a majestic colonnade of 96 columns, which stand in a semicircle.

The Alexandrinsky Theater, designed by Carlo Rossi, is worth visiting. This theater was once visited by Ivan Turgenev and Alexander Pushkin. Performances were performed on its stage even during the blockade. The facade of the theater surprisingly combines columns in the spirit of antiquity and an attic, decorated with the chariot of Apollo. Today this building houses the Pushkin Theater.

Ekaterininsky Square is one of the cozy spots on Nevsky Prospect. It is located right in front of the Alexandrinsky Theater. There is a monument to Catherine II in the park. For almost two centuries it has been a favorite place for walks and meetings of townspeople. It is popularly known under a rather familiar name - "Kat'kin kindergarten".

Those with a sweet tooth should visit the chocolate shop-museum on Nevsky. In its small halls you can see unique collections of handmade chocolate figurines, as well as marzipan and truffles. The exposition is constantly updated, since any exhibit you like can be bought and eaten.

Be sure to walk along the Anichkov Bridge. This is one of the famous small bridges of St. Petersburg, which is thrown over the Fontanka. It is decorated with sculptural compositions of horses cast by Peter Klodt. This bridge is always crowded. It is no less lively on the Green Bridge, which is thrown across the Moika. It is the first cast-iron building in the city on the Neva.

Visit Gostiny Dvor. Conceived and built as a brisk trade center, it has been fully justifying its purpose for three centuries. Here you can buy essential goods, branded clothing, souvenirs.

After sightseeing on Nevsky Prospekt, stop by the Beaujolais restaurant. Its menu includes tender veal with creamy sauce, baked mussels, chicken fillet with aromatic Roquefort and, of course, an impressive selection of Beaujolais wine.

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