Useful Phrases In Italian

Useful Phrases In Italian
Useful Phrases In Italian
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Surely each of us wanted and maybe already traveled abroad. But if you are still planning a trip to Italy, then remember a few phrases.

Useful phrases in Italian
Useful phrases in Italian

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Every year 50 million tourists from all over the world come there: someone goes to Venice for romance, someone to Milan for fashionable new things, and someone to look at the famous Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But so and so, you need to know at least a couple of phrases in Italian, so as not to get lost in the crowd. Below is a list of the most essential phrases of everyday speech: (Capital letter - stress)

  • Please (request) - per favore [peer favore]
  • Thank you - Grazie [grace]
  • Many thanks - grazie mille (literally: thousands of thanks) [grazie mille]
  • Please (answer to thanks) - Prego [prEgo]
  • It's my pleasure. - Di niente. [di niente]
  • Allow me? Permesso? [permEsso]
  • Sorry - scusi / mi scusi [scusi / mi scusi]

Buon giorno is a universal greeting in Italy, but after 5 pm the Italian will tell you: buona sera!

  • Good day! - Buon giorno! [bon jorno]
  • Good evening! - Buona sera! [booona seira]
  • Goodnight! - Buona notte! [buOna notte]
  • Hello! - Salve! [salve]
  • What is your name? - Come si chiama? [kome si kyAma?]
  • Very nice - Piacere
  • My name is … - Mi ciamo … [my name is …]
  • Hello / goodbye (only for communication on "you") - ciao [chao]
  • Bye! (on "you") - Arrivederci! [arrivadErchi]
  • Bye! (on "you") - ArrivederLa! [arrivadErla]
  • Till tomorrow! - A domani! [and domAni]


  • uno - one
  • duo - two
  • tre - three
  • quattro - four
  • cincue - five
  • sei - six
  • sette -seven
  • otto - eight
  • nove - nine
  • dieci - ten

  • One coffee, please. - Un caffe, per favore. (In the singular, "one" is replaced by the indefinite article)
  • Bon Appetit! - Buon appetito! [buOn appetIto]
  • How many? - Quanto? [quanto?]
  • How much is? - Quanto costa? - [quanto coste?]
  • When? - Quando? [kuando?]
  • What? - Che cosa? [ke goat?]
  • Where? - Dove? [dove?]
  • Here / here - qui [kuI]
  • Where is the toilet? - Dove quì il bagno? [dove kui il banyo?]
  • What time is it now? - Quale ora? [kuale Ora?]
  • What time is it? - Quanto tempo? [quanto tempo?]
  • Lei e molto gentile. - You are very kind. [lei e molto gentIle]
  • Closed. - Chiuso. [kyuzo]
  • What a pity! - Che peccato! [ke pekkato]
  • Open! - Aperto! [apErto]
  • What a surprise! - Che sorpresa! [ke sorprEza]

It's funny that in Italian the word perchè [perque] with interrogative intonation means why, and without - because.

  • I'm a foreigner. - Sono straniero. [soo strangero]
  • We are foreigners. - Siamo stranieri. [sYamo strangeri]
  • I speak Italian but not very well. - Parlo italiano, ma non molto bene. [PARLO ITALANO, MAN NON MOLTO BENE]
  • I do not speak Italian. - Non parlo italiano. [non parlo italano]
  • How are you? - Come va? [kome va] (usually answer (Va bene / va male) - (good / bad))
  • Not a problem. - Non problema. [non problem]
  • I do not understand. - Non capisco. [non capisco]
  • Please speak more slowly. - Parli più lentamente, per favore
  • Do you speak English? - Parla inglese? [parla inglese?]
  • Right? - È giusto? [uh, justo?]
  • Wrong? - È sbagliato? [eh zbalYato?]
  • Excellent / brilliant! - Perfetto! [PerfThis]
  • I have a question. - Ho una domanda [oh Una domanda]
  • One minute / one moment. - Un momento. [un momEnto]
  • What is it? Che cosa è? - [ke goza eh?]
  • I have to go. Devo andare. [devo andAre]
  • I'll be right back. Torno subito. [TORNO KILLED]
  • Good luck! - Buona fortuna! [buOna fortUna]

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