How To Get To The Leningradsky Railway Station

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How To Get To The Leningradsky Railway Station
How To Get To The Leningradsky Railway Station

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The Leningradsky railway station of the Russian capital was formerly called Nikolaevsky (from 1855 to 1923), and then Oktyabrsky (from 1923 to 1937). It is part of the so-called North-West Regional Directorate of Russian Railways and is part of the famous dozens of Moscow railway stations. But how exactly to get to the Leningradsky railway station?

How to get to the Leningradsky railway station
How to get to the Leningradsky railway station


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First, a little history. The creators of the building of the Leningradsky railway station were the famous architects K.A. Ton and R.A. Zhelyazevich, and the contractor for the construction was the merchant of the first guild, Torletsky. Construction lasted five years from 1844 to 1849, then the station worked safely until the October Revolution, sending passengers mainly to St. Petersburg, then, already in 1934, then the Oktyabrsky railway station underwent a major restructuring and re-equipment. Then the building was equipped with an information bureau, a post office and telegraph office, as well as a savings bank and a comfortable room for transit passengers. Not all Muscovites know about this, but the room of the mother and child, which is still operating today, used to house a room that housed the imperial couple, arriving at the station for travel.

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Now the Leningradsky railway station has 10 railway tracks, of which 5 are for long-distance trains and the remaining 5 are for suburban routes. Previously, trains were served by a landing stage that was dismantled in the 70s of the last century. Then the Great Hall of the station was built in its place. In 2013, another reconstruction of the building was carried out, after which the five-pointed star was removed from it - a trace of the past Soviet times, and a few years earlier - on July 9, 2009 - Vladimir Yakunin, the head of Russian Railways, said that in the future the Leningradsky railway station could to return its historical name - Nikolaevsky.

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There are several types of transport to get to the Leningradsky railway station. The fastest and most convenient of them is the Moscow Metro, the Komsomolskaya station. Moreover, the exit directly to the entrance of the Leningradsky railway station is carried out from the ring line, but if you find yourself on the radial (Sokolnicheskaya line), just go underground to the ring line. This transition will be faster, since after exiting the metro to the street you will have to make a very long detour and go around the entire Komsomolskaya Square.

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The latter is the location of the Leningradsky railway station. Several types of land transport also follow. These are buses with numbers 40 and 122, several trolleybuses - 14, 22, 25K and trams number 7, 37, 50. The stop of the last type of transport is the farthest from the Leningradsky railway station, so after disembarking you will have to walk about 100-150 meters. Unfortunately, in modern Moscow, ground transport is not the fastest way to travel, therefore, to get to the Leningradsky railway station, it is best to use the fast and comfortable metro of the capital.

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