How To Buy A Train Ticket Moscow - Sochi

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How To Buy A Train Ticket Moscow - Sochi
How To Buy A Train Ticket Moscow - Sochi
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The southern direction, especially the points of the railway routes located on the Black Sea coast, have always been popular in the summer, vacation, period. But after near Sochi, in the Krasnaya Polyana area, new ski slopes were reconstructed and built, this direction became popular in winter as well. Many Muscovites will want to visit this ski resort, which is no worse equipped than many European ones.

How to buy a train ticket Moscow - Sochi
How to buy a train ticket Moscow - Sochi

How to buy train tickets to Sochi in Moscow

All year round, in Sochi, there are three trains running to the Adler railway station, located in the suburbs, one transit "St. Petersburg - Adler" and two trains forming in Moscow. The Moskovia branded express train on the Moscow-Adler route departs daily from Kazansky railway station at 10:10 am, the second Moscow-Sukhum passenger train runs 5 times every 2 weeks. It departs from the Kursk railway station at 15:32. In the summer, the number of trains running from Moscow to Sochi increases. Depending on the train chosen, the travel time can be from 23 to 30 hours.

Choosing a train convenient for you, you can purchase a ticket at any of the numerous railway ticket offices, as well as order it by phone. In this case, tickets with a small surcharge will be delivered to you directly to work or to your home address at any time convenient for you.

But the best way would be to buy tickets online. In this case, you yourself can choose both the car and the seat that you like best. A confirmation of payment will be sent to the e-mail that you indicate when booking, by which you can receive a boarding ticket, having arrived at the station with a suitcase.

Since November 2013, double-decker trains have been running on the Moscow-Adler route, carriages are designed for 64 passengers, each of them has three bathrooms and free Wi-Fi.

How much will a ticket for the Moscow-Sochi train cost?

In the winter-spring period of 2014, the cost of a simple reserved seat will be from 2020 to 2690 rubles, if the car is equipped with air conditioning, you will have to pay up to 3240 rubles. Tickets for a compartment carriage will cost from 3010 to 5060 rubles, depending on the availability of air conditioning and which shelf: top or bottom you choose.

The cost of sleeping car (CB) tickets is already approaching the price of air tickets. A simple suite will cost from 6280 to 9140 rubles. A comfortable trip in a soft carriage will cost from 19350 to 22000 rubles.

It should be noted that fares are constantly changing, unfortunately, not in the direction of decreasing, so before buying, check the cost by calling the ticket office or visiting the website of the company selling tickets.

When purchasing a ticket at the box office or on the Internet, keep in mind that the cost of compulsory insurance and additional payments will be added to its cost, depending on how many days before the planned trip you purchase tickets. The earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they will cost you.

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