What To See In Novocherkassk

What To See In Novocherkassk
What To See In Novocherkassk

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Novocherkassk bears the status of the capital of the Don Cossacks. There are not many attractions in this city, but there is something to see. And it is very pleasant to walk in a small southern town.

What to see in Novocherkassk
What to see in Novocherkassk

1. Cathedral of the Ascension Cathedral, also known as "The Second Sun of the Don". It was this cathedral that took part in the "Russia 10" competition, where 10 main sights of Russia were chosen. The domes of the cathedral are covered with gold leaves, and the remains of the famous Don Cossack atamans, including Matvey Ivanovich Platov, rest in it. In the evening, the beautiful illumination of the cathedral is turned on, and on church holidays, pictures from biblical scenes are projected onto it. A very mesmerizing sight!

2. Ataman Palace. Museum expositions are located on the first floor of the palace, and the interiors of the rooms are preserved and recreated on the second floor. The rich decoration attracts attention. Therefore, wedding photo shoots are so often arranged here. It will take at least 2 hours to see everything. Entrance fee is about 100 rubles.

3. Donskoy Theater of Drama and Comedy. V.F. Komissarzhevskaya. The theater pleases with new performances. Moreover, performances can be found for every taste and age. The building itself is also interesting and worthy of a walk through it.

4. City triumphal arch. There are two of them in the city, but it is the arch on the Herzen descent that attracts attention. It has been completely renovated, and in the evening a beautiful lighting is also turned on.

5. Mound of Glory. It is located in the Alexander Garden and is a symbol of courage. A stone staircase leads to the Eternal Flame memorial. Also, a beautiful panorama of the nearby part of the city opens from the Mound of Glory. The city park itself is not very attractive for walking, as it is not well-groomed enough, there are no children's attractions, and all the shops are occupied by students.

6. South-Russian State Polytechnic University named after MI Platov. This is the first higher educational institution in the South of Russia. The institute opened in 1907, and the construction of its own buildings began in 1911. Therefore, the architecture of all buildings is interesting. And the main building has a wonderful courtyard. On the territory of the institute there is a small chapel of St. Tatiana, the patroness of all students.

7. Ice Palace. Indoor ice rink with good ice, comfortable changing room and skate rental. The price of an hour is 250 rubles. It is cheaper for students. There are often promotions.

The city of Novocherkassk has a huge number of churches, museums, monuments. Walking along Moskovskaya, Platovskaya streets, Ermak avenue, you can find interesting architectural delights, and just beautiful places. In the spring, the city is transformed - everything is green and blooming.

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