How To Travel To The Black Sea As A Savage

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How To Travel To The Black Sea As A Savage
How To Travel To The Black Sea As A Savage
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Savage seaside vacations are popular among young people. After all, such a vacation implies complete freedom of action, it is economical and very exciting. For example, you can get to the sea in your car with a group of friends, and live in a tent on the shore.

Vacation at sea savage
Vacation at sea savage

The main advantage of a savage vacation is a small budget, complete freedom of action in choosing a route and excursion program, as well as the opportunity to visit the most remote corners, where there are practically no other tourists. Wild recreation on the Black Sea coast is very popular among our compatriots.

How to get to the Black Sea from Moscow or the region

So, if you decide to go to the Black Sea to relax as a savage, the first step is to decide how you will get there: by train, plane or by private car. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, so let's take a closer look at them.

The fastest way to get to the Black Sea resorts is by plane. In addition, plane tickets are not much more expensive than tickets for a train compartment. But if you go to the sea for the purpose of camping, then you will probably have a lot of heavy things with you. This means that the weight of your luggage may not fit into the free weight allowance. Therefore, check the baggage rules of the selected airline in advance. Keep in mind that airlines that sell cheap tickets often limit the weight of your luggage to 10 kilograms! Therefore, you will have to pay extra for exceeding the weight limit.

Traveling by train practically does not limit your amount of luggage, so you can take a heavy backpack, tent and other tourist equipment with you. However, train tickets for the summer season must be taken in advance. It is unlikely that you will be able to buy tickets for good seats one to two weeks before the trip.

Difficulties of autotravel

Traveling by car, you are unlikely to have time to reach the nearest Black Sea coast in one day, most likely, the journey will take at least 25-35 hours. Therefore, you will have to stop for the night on the way. It is possible to spend the night in roadside motels, but this may not fit into your trip budget. The second option is to spend the night in a tent, but then you will have to look for a camping site or a place where you can put up a tent and spend the night in it.

If you are planning to pitch your tent outside the campsites, then it is better to choose the places of overnight stay in advance. Study carefully the map of the area along the way of your route, find on the map suitable places to sleep in a tent. These can be forests, lakes or river banks near the highway. Mark the points of the proposed accommodation on the map or in the gps-navigator.

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