How To Choose A Sanatorium On The Black Sea

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How To Choose A Sanatorium On The Black Sea
How To Choose A Sanatorium On The Black Sea
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The Black Sea coast has been attracting tourists for many decades with its warm climate and sea, beautiful landscapes, and well-developed infrastructure. In addition, any resident of Russia can relax on the Black Sea coast due to reasonable prices.

How to choose a sanatorium on the Black Sea
How to choose a sanatorium on the Black Sea

Choosing a sanatorium

A sanatorium for rest and recovery should be chosen based on existing diseases and doctor's indications. You should also decide how much you can spend and go alone, with a friend or children.

Black Sea sanatoriums are located within and outside cities such as Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa. Rest in a sanatorium or boarding house is beneficial, because a measured daily routine and medical procedures contribute not only to rest from the daily hustle and bustle, but also to improve the health of the body.

Rest outside the city and within the city

If you want to rest in a quiet, peaceful place, far from the city, then the sanatorium "Golubaya Dal", located in the village of Divnomorskoye, not far from Gelendzhik, can be a good choice. This health resort has excellent opportunities for high-quality medical examination and further treatment of the whole body. On the territory of the sanatorium there is an indoor swimming pool, a landscaped beach and conference rooms, if required.

For those who prefer rest in the city, not far from all kinds of entertainment, the Stavropolie sanatorium is suitable. It is located in the Mamayki microdistrict of the city of Sochi. This health resort has been operating for over 25 years. Stavropolye specializes in the treatment of cardiological, pulmonological, urological, gynecological and other diseases. The sanatorium is located 200 meters from the sea in a specially designated recreation area. "Stavropolye" is convenient in that it can receive vacationers, regardless of the season, that is, it operates all year round.

The resorts of the Krasnodar Territory have long been famous for their mineral waters and curative mud. One of the best is the Yeisk sanatorium. Vacationers will enjoy two types of mineral water there, as well as procedures with silt mineral mud. As the name suggests, the sanatorium is located on the territory of the city of Yeisk. This sanatorium offers a full range of services: cosmetic, massage and hairdressing.

Vacation with children

For those wishing to have a rest with children, the Zorka Sanatorium CJSC, which also works all year round, is the best choice. For children's leisure in "Zorka" there are rest rooms where children of different ages can find something to their liking. This is modeling, drawing, etc. In the health resort, children can rest on their own, for this there is a separate building. "Zorka" has its own medical base, along with this the sanatorium is equipped with modern medical equipment. This allows for top-level health improvement.

For a long time, tourists have chosen the Anapa sanatoriums for families with children. Kristall is not just a sanatorium, but a rehabilitation center. Equipped not only with modern equipment, but also has an interior designed for true connoisseurs. Externally, the Kristall hulls resemble a snow-white liner. Children in "Kristall" are accepted from 5 years old.

Sanatoriums on the Black Sea are a great opportunity to relax at any time of the year for little money.

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