How To Relax Savages In

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How To Relax Savages In
How To Relax Savages In

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Life in a metropolis often brings a person to the point where he wants to break loose and go to any place, as long as there are no people there, there is nature and silence. In Soviet times, the townspeople preferred to go to the south, while the “savages” of the 21st century chose Karelia and Siberia.

How to relax savages in 2017
How to relax savages in 2017

Many in the modern world regard savages as eccentrics. It is very strange for people when an ordinary acquaintance whom they have known for a long time suddenly breaks down for several weeks in some kind of wilderness, and then returns with stubble and a happy look. But rest by "savages" is a wonderful tradition for many residents of big cities.

You can speak from the point of view of ecology, quality of products, dynamics of a big city, but the essence is always the same - it's hard to live in a metropolis. It is hard not in the sense of the difficulty of life, but in the constant pressure of the city, which some notice more acutely. Thus, representatives of a wide variety of classes, from office workers to couriers, become tourists, savages, bards and other representatives of the Soviet rethinking of hippies.

Where to start "savagery"?

In fact, going as savages to the forest or mountains is a rather difficult task. Firstly, people refuse many benefits of civilization, and many beginners react very sharply to this at first. Secondly, you need to have some survival skills. Not the kind of orienteering that usually takes place in schools before the holidays, but a full-fledged information base on existence in the wild. If an unprepared circle of people travels, then, most likely, on the very first day, they begin to face the most unforeseen problems. This must be accepted and endured. In the case when there is no experienced person in the group, there will be mistakes, and it is necessary to learn from them, and not give up and go towards the railway tracks leading to the city. It is advisable to at least study forums or books on such topics, since there was a lot of literature in the Soviet Union on hiking, survival in the wild and other delights of such a vacation.

Where to go?

Experienced savages go to rest in the south of Russia. Krasnodar Territory is rich in desert places, which is worth only one "Utrish", which is a magnificent example of recreation on the Black Sea. But the new generation of savages looks at the world a little differently, and they are not very interested in the sea and the beach. Among them, recreation in Karelia or in other places that are not distinguished by a warm climate and stable weather is very popular. Particularly desperate savages go to Siberia, where you can probably rest without people. In short, the point of your destination depends, first of all, on the degree of your preparation, and secondly on the desire to overcome difficulties.

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