Where You Can Have An Inexpensive Vacation On The Sea Of ​​Azov

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Where You Can Have An Inexpensive Vacation On The Sea Of ​​Azov
Where You Can Have An Inexpensive Vacation On The Sea Of ​​Azov

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The warm Sea of ​​Azov attracts thousands of tourists every year. Some people like swimming in shallow azure waters. Others love sunbathing on the sandy beaches that stretch for kilometers. Some are interested in the opportunity to improve their health and relax at the same time. The Azov Sea attracts the bulk of tourists from the former union with the opportunity to have an inexpensive vacation.

Where you can have an inexpensive vacation on the Sea of ​​Azov
Where you can have an inexpensive vacation on the Sea of ​​Azov

What is good about rest on the Azov coast

Those wishing to soak up the beach will love the long sandy shores that stretch along the coast. Dreamers from the tops of the rocky cliffs will be able to watch the sunsets. There is something to do for both people leading an active lifestyle and those who have come to combine rest with treatment.

Places for an inexpensive vacation

Those who cannot afford to rest in expensive resorts choose cheaper places and sanatoriums. Where can you find them:

Arabat arrow. Sunbathers will love their rest on the Arabat Spit. This is a sand spit with a length of more than 100 km separating the Sea of ​​Azov and the Sivash Bay. The northern part of the arrow is built up with boarding houses and recreation centers of various price categories. Among them are "Coral", AzovRoyal, "Arabesques" and other places of rest. The beaches belonging to them are equipped with entertainment attractions. Chilled drinks or ice creams are available at the waterfront cafes. For those who like to rest "savage", it is preferable to stay on the southern part of the spit. There is something to do here for cyclists and fishermen. The cost of a room in the private sector is from 250 rubles.

Rest in Kerch. Due to the fact that there are not so many boarding houses in the city of Kerch, if you are going there on vacation, you should worry about booking rooms in advance. Moreover, there are always enough tourists here. People are attracted by the low prices and sights of the city. If you wish, you can find cheap accommodation. Kerch is a rather old city. Therefore, there are both ancient monuments and fortresses, and catacombs of the war years. For moments of relaxation in between excursions, you can soak up the sun on the beach. The cheapest "apartments" will cost 250 rubles. per person.

Shchelkino. West of Kerch is the village of Shchelkino. It is not yet so famous among the resorts of the Azov coast. That is why housing prices are more than reasonable here. Moreover, after the closure of the Kazantip Festival, there are not very many tourists even in the season. But there are secluded bays with beautiful beaches. Economy vacation will cost from 200 rubles.

Taganrog. Holidays in Taganrog can also be relatively inexpensive. This year a one-room apartment will cost from 600 rubles per day. Rooms in the private sector are rented from 350 rubles.

Yeisk. On the Azov coast, Yeysk is considered the largest resort. The beaches of the city are equipped with a variety of attractions. It will be interesting for children to visit the dolphinarium and the water park. The cost of housing starts from 350 rubles for living in the private sector.

The cheapest rest is considered to be "savages". Not everyone agrees to such a pleasure. But on the other hand, there are much more impressions after this than after a civilized rest. It's up to you!

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