How To Have An Inexpensive Vacation At The Sea

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How To Have An Inexpensive Vacation At The Sea
How To Have An Inexpensive Vacation At The Sea
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Relax on the sea, lie on the warm sand, swim, eat fresh fruit … I would like to gain strength and energy for a fleeting vacation, so that it will last for a whole year. At the same time, it is not always possible to shell out a large amount for a week of rest, and the problem arises of finding a place to relax well, and it turned out cheaply.

How to have an inexpensive vacation at the sea
How to have an inexpensive vacation at the sea


Step 1

The way of travel depends largely on the distance and type of transport. A young man can hitchhike, and for free. But it is inappropriate to transport a family in this way. But even in this situation, options for choosing a cheaper way of transportation are possible.

Step 2

Driving your own car is the cheapest option. The longer the distance, the cheaper this method is. Traveling by train is cheaper than a flight. Therefore, if the sea is not very far, there is a direct rail link, you can choose this method as well.

Step 3

During holidays, the second significant item of expenses is the payment for accommodation. The range here ranges from literally a few dollars in the private sector to very large sums in modern comfortable boarding houses located on the very blue sea. When choosing, consider not only your financial capabilities, but also remoteness from the sea, the availability of amenities. Sometimes, by saving on housing, you can spend more on travel around the city, buying water and food.

Step 4

Choose suitable living conditions. The cheapest accommodation is in the private sector. Several options are usually offered. The cheapest one is a bed located in a walk-through room, nook, corridor. From the bedside service - in the common corridor there is a hanger for two hooks and a chair. The place to sleep is not the most comfortable, but the cheapest. The second most expensive option is a room in a house for 2-3 sleeping places, sometimes it reaches 6.

Step 5

A room in a courtyard equipped for living. The service here is expanded to a separate table with a set of chairs, a refrigerator, and a fan is possible. For pleasure, of course, you have to pay extra, but not much. The cost of housing is usually average, so there is no point in bargaining.

Step 6

The food service market is quite diverse. It all depends on your desire. You can find accommodation where you will be offered three meals a day with high-quality cooking at a reasonable price, you can cook yourself, or you can look for inexpensive canteens.

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