Where To Go In Moscow In Summer

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Where To Go In Moscow In Summer
Where To Go In Moscow In Summer
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In the summer in Moscow, you should not miss a single warm sunny day, because this is a great time to walk through all the parks and gardens, which are a lot in the city.



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One of the most unusual places in the heart of Moscow is the Hermitage Garden. This garden is bordered by three theaters, and the summer stage of the Hermitage often hosts music festivals. In the garden there are unique gazebos, large round lanterns, and flower beds with bright flowers surround them. There are practically no major roads near the Hermitage, there is silence here. The garden itself is divided into three completely dissimilar parts, so it is easy to change both the setting and the mood by simply moving to another sector of the garden.

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Another unusual place is the Aquarium garden, which has been recently renovated, with nice benches and fountains. The famous Mossovet Theater overlooks this garden, so theater lovers often meet in this place. It is good to hide here from the heat and sun, because almost always there is a cozy twilight created by spreading trees.

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Patriarch's Ponds attract especially many people, Bulgakov's fans often drop in here, it was here that the action of his most famous novel began. Picnics are held on the banks of the ponds; this is a very pleasant island of a kind of calmness in the bustle of the city.

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The Botanical Garden is the most beautiful place in Moscow. It is a very large park and it is easy to get lost in it. It is divided into several parts: rockery, rose garden, arboretum, greenhouses, gardens of constant flowering. All the paths have nice benches, in some places there are awnings in case of rain. There are no lanterns in the Botanical Garden, so it is better to walk here in the morning or at least during the daytime. The exits from the park are closed after sunset, so if you go for a walk there, you will have to get out through the fence.

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Kolomenskoye - a park, a manor and a temple complex. A very large area. It is best to walk here in the spring, when the incredible apple orchards are blooming, this is the best time for romantic meetings, photo shoots, and a relaxing holiday. And the temple complex of the park is always open to believers, besides, it is very beautiful.

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