How To Spend Time In Moscow If You Are Passing Through For One Day

How To Spend Time In Moscow If You Are Passing Through For One Day
How To Spend Time In Moscow If You Are Passing Through For One Day

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It happens that, by the will of circumstances, you find yourself in the best city in the world for a very short time. For example, I arrived in the morning and left in the evening. Do not sit these precious watches at the station, when outside of it there is a huge selection of opportunities to see something, somewhere to visit, to get a lot of impressions. But it is precisely this enormity that puzzles us. Where to go or go, which way? By foot or by transport? What to see? What is the best way to use the available time?

Garden named after Bauman
Garden named after Bauman

There are so many options that it's easy to get confused. The choice depends on how much time is left, on the tasks set and on the willingness or unwillingness to go somewhere.

If in these few hours you need to have time to buy gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends and at the same time admire the beauty of the capital, then the best option is to go down the metro and get to the Okhotny Ryad station. The huge shopping center has everything that will satisfy the most discerning taste. If you need goods of a higher category, the famous GUM is nearby. The choice of places to eat is huge. The Okhotny Ryad shopping center has a large selection of cafes, from McDonald's and Shokoladnitsa to restaurants with a more refined menu. In GUM there is “Canteen # 1”, where prices are democratic, and the atmosphere and menu remind of Soviet times.

Here you can also take a walk in the Alexander Garden, walk along Red Square, admire the new park in Zaryadye, or walk along the Vasilievsky Spusk to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and there - the Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, Ilya Glazunov Gallery, the beginning of the Boulevard Ring and within walking distance of the legendary Arbat. That is, if you want to see with your own eyes all the main postcard views of Moscow, then the choice to move in this direction will be the right one. But you won't be able to see all of the above in one day, you will have to choose from the offered variety.

This is an option that is impossible to pass by, which is especially suitable for those guests of the capital who rarely visit Moscow and have seen little in it.

Another route through the iconic places of the capital, which will remain in memory for a long time and will give an idea of ​​Moscow, this time without shops. Again you need to use the metro and get to the Tretyakovskaya station. Further - to Lavrushinsky lane, to the famous Tretyakov gallery. Then - along Lavrushinsky, across the Luzhkov bridge, to Bolotnaya square, where there is something to see.

Then, crossing the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge at its very beginning, go to the Government House ("House on the Embankment" - for those who have read Trifonov's novel). In the courtyard there is an interesting museum, where the interior of the apartments of this house of the 30s has been recreated, with furniture of those years, with interesting photographs.

Further - along the Bersenevskaya embankment to the Patriarchal bridge, crossing which we find ourselves at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. You can, again, walk along the wonderful Gogolevsky Boulevard to the Arbat, or you can return along the bridge to the embankment and walk to the Muzeon Park, where the monuments of Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, rejected by time, are kept.

If there is an irresistible craving for art, then the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val is just there. And across the road is the legendary TsPKiO im. Gorky. The route is for active and energetic, motivated to learn and loves walking.

And another great option for those who are looking for a walk without going anywhere, from the Kursk, Leningradsky, Kazansky, Yaroslavsky railway stations.

The goal you need to reach is the Bauman Park. From the Kursk railway station, you need to walk along Zemlyanoy Val Street to Staraya Basmannaya, then go straight to the Bauman Garden, the entrance to which will be on the left. And from the square of three stations you need to go along Ryazansky prospect to Novaya Basmannaya street. This street also has an entrance to the Bauman Garden, only from the other side.

The Bauman Park is a place where you can spend time with pleasure, relax, have a snack, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Soviet-era park with an open stage and a monument to a fiery revolutionary. The surroundings of the park, as if with the help of a time machine, are transported forty years ago. Nearby there is a children's art house in a former estate, quiet courtyards with playgrounds and rare cars on the street.

If you have time and a desire to see something new and interesting, you can, leaving the park on Staraya Basmannaya Street, go left and straight, without turning anywhere. On the way, you can see the Museum of the Decembrists in the estate of the Muravyov-Apostles, the estate of the Musins-Pushkins on Razgulyai, the museum in the estate of uncle A.S. Pushkin Vasily Lvovich. You need to get to the Yelokhovsky square - it's very close. The park itself is wonderful, green and beautiful, again with a monument to revolutionary times - the illusion of travel in time continues.

Nearby - a huge library in the building of the former city manor. Its first guardian and leader was Maria Gartung, Pushkin's eldest daughter. A visit to the library provides a unique opportunity to visit the old building, admire the magnificent architecture, cast-iron staircases, figured stucco moldings, marble fireplaces.

At the end of the park there is the majestic Yelokhovsky Cathedral, where the great poet was baptized. Before the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the cathedral was the main cathedral, and the former Russian patriarch Alexy II is buried here.

You can return by land transport or on foot. To diversify your impressions, you can walk along Sportivnaya Street to the crossroads, where the Musins-Pushkins' estate will remain on the left - a wonderful red and white building and continue your walk along Novaya Basmannaya. The remarkable architecture of the buildings that you meet along the way will add to the experience. That there is only a temple built according to a sketch that Peter I himself drew with his own hand.

You can walk to the metro station "Krasnye Vorota", where there is a monument to M.Yu. Lermontov - the same one, in a jacket, from the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune", which no one will jail. And next to it is another monument, which witches call "the monument to the gastrobeiter." The stations can be reached both by metro and ground transport, and the most trained travelers can walk on foot.

It is good to have with you a map of the center of Moscow in its typographic, and not a virtual version, in case the phone fails - then you can safely walk without fear of getting lost. The language, of course, will bring to Kiev, but there is always a risk of running into a person who does not know exactly where to go, but will willingly advise. In a situation where time is limited, it is better to play it safe.

The proposed options to spend a day in Moscow in such a way that it becomes unforgettable are just a few of the many. Others can be left until next time.

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