What To Bring From Goa

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What To Bring From Goa
What To Bring From Goa
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When you leave for a distant exotic country, everyone expects unusual souvenirs and gifts from you. In India, there is a huge selection of things to bring to family and friends.

What to bring from Goa
What to bring from Goa


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Decorations. In the markets and shops, there is a huge selection of a wide variety of jewelry: from jewelry and products made from shells to silver and gold with precious stones. You can find very beautiful handicrafts. In short, a real paradise for women.

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Wooden souvenirs. Various figures, netsuke, mouthpieces, masks. There is a lot of beautiful carved furniture, but it is extremely difficult to transport it.

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Sari and other clothing. Sari is the national dress of Indian women, which is a hand-embroidered silk cloth. Prices for such beauty are quite high, even by Indian standards. Lovers of oriental dances will delight in a costume embroidered with beads and coins. You can buy cotton clothes very inexpensively: Ali Baba-style pants, T-shirts, long skirts, dresses.

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Spices and tea. Indian cuisine is unthinkable without spices. The most popular of the spices is curry, a turmeric-based blend. Anise, saffron, caraway seeds, coriander, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon - all this is sold in the markets both by weight and in packaged form or in gift sets. Don't forget to buy lemongrass - it can be brewed like tea or used in Asian dishes.

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Everything related to elephants. The image of the elephant is fully exploited: it is depicted on clothes, on jewelry, on mugs, on magnets, and in general wherever possible. Elephant figurines made of stone or wood are one of the most popular gifts from India, as they are believed to bring happiness.

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Local rum in small bottles. The most popular brand is Old Monk.

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Ayurvedic cosmetics. Goa has a large number of shops, stalls and pharmacies selling creams, toothpastes, shampoos and other cosmetics at very attractive prices.

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Incense. Walking down the street, you can often smell a spicy smell; in India, incense is believed to protect against evil spirits. Sticks with different flavors are perfect as a souvenir.

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