How To Get To Red Square

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How To Get To Red Square
How To Get To Red Square
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Red Square is the heart of Moscow, and if so, then it turns out that the whole of Russia. This is the main attraction of the capital. Red Square is surrounded by several metro stations, but none of them is called "Red Square", so tourists sometimes wonder how to get to this place?

How to get to Red Square
How to get to Red Square

Take the metro

Red Square is located in close proximity to two metro interchange hubs, each of which unites several stations. The easiest way is to take the metro and get to any of these stations, and then get off at the right place, guided by the signs in the metro. You will hardly be able to miss Red Square.

Interchange hub "Okhotny Ryad - Teatralnaya - Revolution Square"

The first transfer hub connects:

- Sokolnichyu metro line, red line, Okhotny Ryad station, - Zamoskvoretskaya, green line, Teatralnaya station, - Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, blue line, station "Revolution Square".

You can get to any of these three stations. After leaving the carriage, find the sign “Exit to the city. Manezhnaya Square ". Follow this sign and you will surface to a large red building, the Historical Museum. Go straight to it and go around it: behind it is Red Square. To the right of the Historical Museum are the Lenin Mausoleum and the Kremlin Wall, and to the left - the monument "Zero Kilometer of Highways in Russia".

Transfer hub "Library named after Lenin - Arbatskaya - Borovitskaya - Alexandrovsky Garden"

This hub connects:

- Sokolnichyu (red) metro line, Lenin Library station, - Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (blue) line, station Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, - Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya (gray) line, Borovitskaya station, - Filevskaya (blue) line, Aleksandrovsky Sad station.

As soon as you arrive at any of these stations, look in the metro for the sign “Exit to the city. Alexander Garden". When you come to the surface, you will find yourself in the Alexander Garden, which is located close to the Kremlin wall, but not on the side of Red Square. To get to it, start bypassing the Kremlin on the right. After 4-5 minutes, you will see that the wall turns, and an open space appeared in front of you - this is Red Square. You will also see Kutafya and Trinity Towers, through the Kutafya Tower you can get inside the Kremlin.

Visiting Red Square

Red Square is open and free to visit almost always. It is closed only on exceptional occasions, for example, for the May 9 parade or for rehearsals of this celebration.

You can also visit Lenin's mausoleum completely free of charge, but it does not work every day and only for a few hours. It is better not to take a lot of things to the mausoleum, since large bags are forced to be taken to a paid storage room located at the entrance. Before visiting, you need to go through the metal detector.

In recent years, on Red Square, you can meet many law enforcement officers who constantly check the documents of everyone present. Therefore, it is recommended to have your documents with you just in case.

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