Attractions Of Valaam: What To See

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Attractions Of Valaam: What To See
Attractions Of Valaam: What To See
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In the fresh waters of Lake Ladoga, there is a rocky archipelago consisting of a large group of granite and diabase islands. The unique in its beauty Valaam archipelago is rightfully considered the main attraction of Karelia.

Attractions of Valaam: what to see
Attractions of Valaam: what to see

Valaam - harmony of nature and architecture

The Valaam archipelago is also called "Northern Athos". It represents a monastic empire, with a life, law, hierarchy that has been preserved since ancient times. The landscape architecture of the island is in harmony with the pristine nature.

Among the attractions of Valaam, which tourists should definitely visit, is the Transfiguration Monastery, where the beauty of Russian architecture is presented in an unusual combination of color and architecture. The top, the color of a heavenly blue, is in harmony with the red bottom. A three-tiered bell tower completes the entire architectural composition.

All over the territory of the island there are cells-sketes, where hermit monks retired from the bustle of the world:

- All Saints (White) Skete. Located on the Skitsky Island. Looks like a snow-white fortress with pointed towers;

- Ilyinsky. Made in the Russian style, reminiscent of a village log house;

- Nicholas the Wonderworker;

- John the Baptist;

- Konevsky;

- Abraham Rostovsky. Restoration work is currently underway;

- Complex "North Jerusalem". Includes the buildings of the Resurrection (Red) and Gethsemane (Yellow) sketes;

- Smolensky;

- St. Vladimir's.

Znamenskaya (Tsar) chapel

The roof of the marble chapel is decorated with a medallion with a commemorative inscription that Emperor Alexander ΙΙ visited Valaam in 1858. On the left side of the road, there is the Spassky Gate leading to the inner buildings of the monastery.

Those wishing to make an additional excursion can visit the Igumensky cemetery. You can go down to it by going under the arched bell tower.

Mannerheim Line

Those who are fond of military history can see the preserved defensive structures, which are a whole complex.

Ascension chapel

There is a lake to the south of the Gethsemane skete. The right bank of Malaya Nikonovskaya Bay is decorated with a granite worship cross. At the very top, the Ascension Chapel with 5 chapters was erected.

The forest path will lead to the Konevsky lakes - Igumensky, Ossievo, Mustoyarvi. On the monastery farm, located on the banks of the island. Sisijärvi, tourists are offered treats here.

There is an opportunity to take a water excursion along the river. Ladoga around the island.

Tourist memo

On the territory of the monastery, women must wear a headscarf and skirt.

Only men are admitted to the White Skete (All Saints), with the exception of the feast of All Saints.

The use of alcohol, smoking is prohibited.

The cleanest air, beauty of pristine nature, architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. Impressions from visiting Balaam will last for a long time.

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