Vladivostok - The Pearl Of The Far East

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Vladivostok - The Pearl Of The Far East
Vladivostok - The Pearl Of The Far East
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Vladivostok, founded back in 1860, received the status of the administrative center of Primorsky Krai less than 100 years later. Today its population is about 600 thousand people, and it is the industrial, cultural, scientific capital of the Far Eastern region.

Vladivostok (shooting from a helicopter)
Vladivostok (shooting from a helicopter)

The city of Vladivostok is the capital of Primorye, a large commercial port and a stronghold of the Russian Federation in the Far East. It is located on the coast of the Golden Horn Bay, located in the Sea of ​​Japan.

If you try to describe Vladivostok with a single phrase, then you just need to say that this city is unique. Nowhere else is there such a synthesis of Russian culture, military power and trade activity. Vladivostok lacks world-class attractions, but the Far East will delight thoughtful travelers:

- batteries of the Vladivostok fortress;

- seascapes;

- preserved pre-revolutionary architecture and many others.

The main directions of the city's development

Vladivostok is considered one of the largest industrial centers, and from this it is often called the pearl of the Far East. There are about a hundred fairly large enterprises here, including the largest ship servicing plant in the Russian Federation, Dalpribor with Radiopribor, and many other well-known manufactures.

The heart of the Far East is considered to be seaports, which include not only cargo and fish ports, but also passenger and sea ports. In the coastal areas of the city, fish and various seafood are caught, ranging from crustaceans to shellfish and algae.

Modernization of the city over the past decade

If we talk about the development of Vladivostok as a center of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, then it should be noted that the funds that were previously allocated from the budget of the Russian Federation are mainly spent on improving the infrastructure of Vladivostok.

Every year it becomes more and more noticeable as the city improves more and more:

- the airport is being modernized;

- new roads are being built;

- the places where there were landfills just a couple of years ago are being liquidated;

- the housing and communal services and the housing stock of the city are being improved.

For tourists today, a huge number of various observation platforms have been organized. They are in the following locations:

1.The top point of the funicular

2. Eagle's Nest hill, which is located in the city center

3. The site of the Egersheld district at the lighthouse

4. Site in the area of ​​Cape Churkin on the island and the sea.

5. Ferris wheel located in Sports Harbor.

Summing up, it should be noted that today Vladivostok is a rapidly developing city, which is being modernized faster every year, thus attracting tourists from all over Russia and the world.

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