The Best Lakes In Russia For Summer Holidays

The Best Lakes In Russia For Summer Holidays
The Best Lakes In Russia For Summer Holidays
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Peace and quiet, untouched nature and cozy beaches - rest on the lakes will allow you to spend your vacation relaxed and happy.

Lake Seliger
Lake Seliger


The deepest lake on the planet. You cannot see such a whopper in one trip, so choose a place to stay based on your preferences. If you want to swim, go to Olkhon Island or to the Mukhor, Chivyrkuisky, Barguzinsky, Proval bays - in summer the water temperature there rises above 20 degrees.

You can relax on the mineral springs in the Tunkinskaya Valley or at Cape Kotelnikovsky. Fans of ethnographic travel should head for the Upper Ivolga and the village of Arshan in Buryatia, where the most beautiful Buddhist datsans are located. In addition, there are cruises around Lake Baikal for 4–8 days, during which you can see the reserved corners of the lake and even the seals lounging in the sun.

Bolshoe Yarovoe

This drainless bitter-salty lake is located in the steppes of the Altai Territory, not far from the border of the Novosibirsk region. The water in Bolshoye Yarovoye is similar in composition to the water of the Dead Sea and has medicinal properties. Lake brine, rich in minerals and useful substances, is widely used for spa treatment. Many vacationers, however, feel good even without visiting the sanatorium: on the local shores every now and then you meet people smeared from head to toe with healing mud.

The lake has comfortable beaches with water attractions, but the easiest way to settle is in the private sector. Moreover, in the summer most of the apartments are rented out and already at the entrance to the city numerous "landlords" are waiting for tourists.


This is not even a lake, but a whole system of lakes (there are 24 of them), located at the junction of the Tver and Novgorod regions. Amazing land, and not far from the metropolis. It is best to start your journey from the city of Ostashkov. From here, by boat, you can go to the Nilova Hermitage - a revered monastery. Another option is to go to the sources of the Volga and Western Dvina. Most tourist centers have a standard set of entertainment - walks on the lake, kayaking trips, jet ski and ATV riding, barbecue and fishing. In hot summer, you can swim in the lake, but many camp sites have their own pools.

Ladoga lake

Those who do not like hot weather, but love fishing and the pristine northern nature, should spend a vacation on the largest freshwater lake in Europe. It is really magnificent here: the famous Ladoga skerries, rocky ridges, granite rocks, sand dunes, islets sprouted in a dense forest.

The most famous attraction of Lake Ladoga is the Valaam archipelago, located in the northern part. The easiest way to get to the famous Valaam Monastery is by boat from the city of Sortavala. Another option is to buy a ticket for a one-day cruise to Valaam from St. Petersburg.

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