How To Win A Ticket

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How To Win A Ticket
How To Win A Ticket
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If you want to visit abroad, but you have no money at all, then you can try to win a vacation ticket. Currently, incentive lotteries are quite popular. They are mostly run by food manufacturers, but there are other options to take a break for free.

How to win a ticket
How to win a ticket


Step 1

When purchasing groceries from a store, pay attention to the packaging. If the product participates in the lottery, the advertising slogan and the conditions of the drawing must be placed there. Most likely, you will have to purchase several product names in order to participate in the lottery. Of course, not everyone is lucky. But, perhaps you will be among the lucky ones or win some kind of incentive prize.

Step 2

The second option to win a free ticket is to take part in a TV quiz, for example, "Field of Miracles". In order to be invited to the game, compose a crossword puzzle and send it to the address of the program. Don't be lazy and come up with an original puzzle. You can embroider a crossword puzzle on fabric, burn it on wood, or weave it out of wire. The more interesting your craft is, the sooner you will be invited to the program. Be sure to write a thoughtful, detailed cover letter and include anything you can do to impress viewers.

Step 3

Another option to win a ticket is to purchase lottery tickets. Sometimes there is a drawing of trips, but more often it is possible to get money. Here, too, good luck will help you. It is impossible to guess in which ticket the trip abroad or the sufficient amount of money will be in advance.

Step 4

If you are determined to win your package, think again. It may turn out that the purchase of products participating in the drawing, the purchase of lottery tickets and other costs significantly exceed the cost of the notorious trip. Can it be easier to contact a tour operator, pick up a "last minute" ticket and fly on vacation for almost half the price?

Step 5

Win a trip to the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League Cup with adidas and Wallet

Adidas is working with the Wallet mobile app to launch a mega-promotion that allows you to accumulate points and win lots of awesome prizes! Get ready to join the ranks of real champions with adidas and the Wallet app!

The conditions for participation in the promotion are very simple:

  • Buy funds from the adidas UEFA Champions League Limited Collection by April 5, 2018;
  • Register saved receipts through the "Wallet" application by photographing their QR-code;
  • Get bonus points;
  • Accumulate points and exchange them for prizes at any stage;
  • Take part in the super prize drawing - a trip for two to the Champions League semi-finals!

The promotion takes place in 4 stages with different prizes. In addition to the main reward - a trip to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League Cup for two, the points accumulated for purchases can be spent on various adidas beauty kits or souvenirs with the Cup logo.

Only you decide which prizes to claim and what to spend points, wait for the final or receive incentive gifts at other stages. Please not only yourself, but also your loved ones, having the opportunity to receive pleasant rewards for purchases! Feel like a real champion!

Detailed information on the conditions of the promotion:

Step 6

About companies:

Adidas is the Official Partner of the most important football tournaments in the world such as the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA European Championships. Every year adidas creates special collections, each highlighting the key messages of the football tournament. In 2018, adidas is introducing the new Champions Edition body care collection, designed for those who love football and have a passion to be champions. She embodies all the passion and glory of these honorary competitions.

The mobile application "Wallet" collects all discount, bank and transport cards in the application."Wallet" allows you to register in loyalty programs and find out the balance of savings and discounts right through your phone. Over the past year, the company has digitized more than 23 million plastic cards, giving its users the opportunity to evaluate new shopping technologies and leave their traditional wallet at home.

Don't miss the opportunity to win valuable gifts from adidas and witness the greatest match of our time!

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